Effective coaching

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Research proves that employees will work harder and produce more when they feel appreciated, valued, and understood. Easier said than done?

Effective Coaching explains how you can:
Apply good coaching methods in the workplace,
Quickly establish the discipline you need in a cooperative, non-threatening atmosphere
Instinctively use effective problem solving strategies in every situation

You know your company needs its employees. Make sure they know that. Management strategies and techniques presented in Effective Coaching will help you dramatically improve employee performance, and maximize the measurable value received from each employee.

The Goals of Good Coaching. The Attributes of A Good Coach. What Do Your Players Want? The Signs of Good Coaching. How to Ask Good Questions. How to Be A Good Listener. Solving Problems by Coaching. The Coach as Trainer. The Coach as Mentor. The Coach as Corrector. Coaching Land Mines. Steps to Effective Coaching. Once More with Feedback. Coaching by Rewarding. Bonus Principles for Good Coaching (and Good Living).