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Developing Engaged and Entrepreneurial Universities, 1st ed. 2019 Theories, Concepts and Empirical Findings

Langue : Anglais

Coordonnateurs : Kliewe Thorsten, Kesting Tobias, Plewa Carolin, Baaken Thomas

Couverture de l’ouvrage Developing Engaged and Entrepreneurial Universities

This book investigates key aspects of the development of engaged and entrepreneurial universities. Reflecting the complex and dynamic nature of changes in higher education institutions (HEIs), multi-level perspectives in the field are taken into account, namely the ecosystem, relationship, organisational and individual perspective. The book highlights the entrepreneurial and the social orientation of HEIs by focusing on both primary economically focused (entrepreneurial) universities and primary socially focused (engaged) universities. It challenges the understanding of the role universities and its individual stakeholders play today. The book explores a multitude of facets and perspectives on the topic and addresses both what we already know and what knowledge still needs to be acquired.

Thorsten Kliewe is a Full Professor in Innovation Management and Business Development at Münster Business School at Münster University of Applied Sciences in Germany and Deputy Director of the Science-to-Business Marketing Research Centre at the same university. He is also Co-founder and Chairman of the University Industry Innovation Network (UIIN), and Founder and Chair of the Accreditation Council for Entrepreneurial and Engaged Universities (ACEEU). Bridging academia and practice, Professor Kliewe dedicates his work to study and support change and transformation processes in universities, ultimately aiming at increasing the socio-economic impacts higher education institutions can make. 

Tobias Kesting is a Professor of General Business Administration and Marketing at APOLLON University of Applied Sciences in Bremen, Germany. His primary research areas are knowledge and technology transfer, innovation management and marketing, where his special foci are organisational marketing as well as service marketing and marketing in the health sector. 

Carolin Plewa is Professor of Marketing and Stakeholder Engagement, Director (Interim) of the Entrepreneurship, Commercialisation, and Innovation Centre, and member of the Institute of Photonics and Advanced Sensing at the University of Adelaide, Australia. Her primary research interests lie in the areas of value co-creation, engagement, and interaction across a myriad of organisations and individuals, with a particular focus on university-industry collaboration, engaged and entrepreneurial universities. 

Thomas Baaken is Professor in Marketing at Münster University of Applied Sciences, Managing Director of the Science-to-Business Marketing Research Centre (S2BMRC) and member of the expert panel of the German Ministry of Research and Higher Education for its “International Research Marketing Strategy of Germany”. He served as Vice-Rector of Research and Tech-Transfer in his University taki

Provides a comprehensive overview of current and core research on entrepreneurial and engaged universities

Highlights different perspectives to provide readers with a better understanding of the entire ecosystem

Offers research-based policy implications and outlines future research directions
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