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Death in a Consumer Culture Routledge Interpretive Marketing Research Series

Langue : Anglais

Coordonnateur : Dobscha Susan

Couverture de l’ouvrage Death in a Consumer Culture

Death has never been more visible to consumers. From life insurance to burial plots to estate planning, we are constantly reminded of consumer choices to be made with our mortality in mind. Religious beliefs in the afterlife (or their absence) impact everyday consumption activities.

Death in a Consumer Culture presents the broadest array of research on the topic of death and consumer behaviour across disciplinary boundaries. Organised into five sections covering: The Death Industry; Death Rituals; Death and Consumption; Death and the Body; and Alternate Endings, the book explores topics from celebrity death tourism, pet and online memorialization; family history research, to alternatives to traditional corpse disposal methods and patient-assisted suicide. Work from scholars in history, religious studies, sociology, psychology, anthropology, and cultural studies sits alongside research in marketing and consumer culture. From eastern and western perspectives, spanning social groups and demographic categories, all explore the ubiquity of death as a physical, emotional, cultural, social, and cosmological inevitability.

Offering a richly unique anthology on this challenging topic, this book will be of interest to researchers working at the intersections of consumer culture, marketing and mortality.

Preface (Susan Dobscha)  Part I: The Death Industry 1. Proclaiming Modernity in the Monument Trade: Barre Granite, Vermont Marble and national advertising, 1910-1932 (Bruce S. Elliott) 2. The Marketing of a Siege: Leningrad vs. Sarajevo- memorializing death and despair (Brent McKenzie) 3. Marketing Death through Erotic Art (Christina Welch) 4. Authenticity, Informality and Privacy in Contemporary New Zealand Post-Mortem Practices (Cyril Schafer and Ruth McManus) 5. Custody of the Corpse: Controlling alkaline hydrolysis in US death care markets (Philip R. Olson)Part II: Death Rituals and Consumption 6. Death, Ritual and Consumption in Thailand: Insights from The Pee Ta Kohn Hungry Ghost Festival (Rungpaka Amy Hackley and Chris Hackley) 7. Ritual, Mythology, and Consumption After a Celebrity Death (Scott K. Radford and Peter H. Bloch) 8. Voluntary Simplicity in the Final Rite of Passage: Death (Hakan Cengiz and Dennis Rook)Part III: Consumption of Death 9. Cheating Death via Social Self Immortalization: The potential of consumption-laden online memorialization to extend and link selves beyond (physical) death (Terrance G. Gabel) 10. Extending the Mourning, Funeral, and Memorialization Consumption Practices to the Human-Pet Relationship (Phylis M. Mansfield) 11. Great Granny Lives On: pursuing immortality through family history Research (Leighann C. Neilson and Delphin A. Muise) 12. Physician Assisted Suicide At The Crossroads Of Vulnerability And Social Taboo: Is death becoming A consumption good? (Francoise Passerard and Xavier Menaud) 13. Dispatches from the Dying: Pathographies as a lens on consumption in extremis(Darach Turley and Stephanie O’Donohoe) Part IV: Death and the Body 14. The Role of Body Disposition in Making Sense of Life and Death (Courtney Nations Baker, Stacey Menzel Baker, and James W. Gentry) 15. Consumer Acceptance of Radical Alternatives to Human Disposal: An examination of the Belgian marketplace (Louise Canning, Isabelle Szmigin, Cathy Vaessen) 16. Theatre of the Abject: Body worlds and the transformation of the cadaver (Kent Drummond)Part V: Alternate Endings 17. The Mortal Coil and the Political Economy of Death: A critical engagement with Baudrillard (Ai-Ling Lai) 18. The Spectre of Posthumanism in Technology Consumption: The death of the human? (M. Buchanan-Oliver and A.G.B. Cruz) 19. Poetically Considering Death and Its Consumption (Terrance G. Gabel) 20. Death: Where do we go from here? (Jeffrey Podoshen)

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