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Cost-Benefit Analysis of Environmental Health Interventions

Langue : Anglais

Coordonnateur : Guerriero Carla

Couverture de l’ouvrage Cost-Benefit Analysis of Environmental Health Interventions

Cost-Benefit Analysis of Environmental Health Interventions provides a step-by-step approach to assigning monetary values to health interventions by using environmental information and epidemiological evidence. The book's authors articulate the core principles and fundamental methodologies underpinning the modern economic assessment of environmental intervention on human health. They summarize environmental risk factors and explore ways to interpret and understand epidemiological data. With concentration-response, exposure-response, and dose-response techniques, they explain the environmental interventions available for each environmental risk factor.

Including extensive case studies and end of chapter exercises, this book is accompanied by a website that provides solution files and details the design of models using Excel.

A practical guide for health economists and related professionals interested in assessing the economic impact of environmental influences on human health

1. Introduction 2. The key steps in Cost-Benefit Analysis of Environmental Health Interventions 3. Environmental Hazards affecting Health 4. Health Benefit Analysis 5. Monetary Analysis of Health Outcomes 6. Costing Environmental Health Intervention 7. Discounting 8. Addressing Uncertainty in Cost-Benefit Analysis 9. Producing and Apprising CBA Results 10. Issues and Limitations to consider when using Cost-Benefit Analysis 11. Alternatives to Cost-Benefit Analysis for Economic Evaluation 12. Communicating Results of Cost-Benefit Analysis

Graduate and PhD students / early career researchers working in Health Economics, Environmental Epidemiology and Engineering (e.g. Environmental Engineering, Transportation Engineering). Policy Makers (e.g. Health, Transport). Private Sector Operators (e.g. consultancy services). NGOs willing to perform Cost-Benefit Analysis of their interventions.

Carla Guerriero is Research Fellow at the Department of Economics and Statistics, University of Naples Federico II and honorary Research Fellow at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. Since 2009, her research and teaching focuses on the methodology and the application of Cost-Benefit Analysis to Environmental Health Interventions and on the development of novel techniques to value children’s health. Carla has published her research in national and international research journals including PLoS One, The European Journal of Health Economics and Environmental Health. Carla conducted the first cost-benefit analysis of remediating polluted sites. She is currently responsible for the test and the design of the Cost-Benefit Analysis tool in the LIFE+ Gioconda Project.

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