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Chinese Women in Leadership, 1st ed. 2019 Current Perspectives on Asian Women in Leadership Series

Langue : Anglais

Coordonnateurs : Sun Judy, McLean Gary

This edited collection highlights the unique cultural and socioeconomic elements of China and the strong influence of those elements on women leaders in the nation. The authors present perspectives on women leaders? current state of working conditions and balancing of personal and professional lives in diverse contexts while discussing commonalities and differences across sectors in China and drawing comparisons with Asian and non-Asian contexts. Chapters will explore cultural contexts that hinder career advancement, family roles for women, government policies and educational opportunities that support women's development, and finally the future for women in China. The book provides a thorough assessment of the situation of women in China for scholars in leadership, management, international relations, and human resource development.
Chapter 1: Contemporary Women Leaders in China (Judy Yi Sun)

Chapter 2: Family Roles and Social Status (Jane Yuting Zhuang & Judy Yi Sun)

Chapter 3: Cultural Constraints: (Anne Drewry & Jackie Liu)

Chapter 4: Career Development (Jane Yuting Zhuang & André M. Everett)

Chapter 5: Policies and Legislation for Women in China (Elaine Zhang) 

Chapter 6: The Making of Chinese Women Leaders: Examining Educational Opportunities 

Chapter 7: Collaboration and Partnerships (Suji Iyer)

Chapter 8: Corporate Sector (Lan Li & Siqing Peng)

Chapter 9: Female Entrepreneurs and Female Successors of Family Business in China (Lianjuan Wang & Kai-Wen Hsieh)

Chapter 10: Government Sector (Jessica Li & Jiang Tian)

Chapter 11: Education Sector in China and women leaders (Susan Su & Xia Li)
Chapter 12: NGO Sector (Yuanlu Niu & Cynthia Sims)

Chapter 13: China in an Asian Context (Xue Yang & Jessica Li)

Chapter 14: China in a Non-Asian Context: A Comparison (Jie Ke & Millard J. Bingham)

Chapter 15: Synthesis: Convergence and Divergence: Practice, Sector, and International Perspectives (Gary N. McLean & Judy Yi Sun)

Judy Yi Sun is Assistant Professor of HRD at the University of Texas at Tyler. Prior to her academic appointment, she worked for multinational corporations including Motorola and KPMG for over ten years. She has published in Human Resource Development Review, International Journal of Human Resource Development and Management, and Human Resource Development International, among others, and serves on the editorial board of the Journal of Chinese Human Resource Management. She is the author of Voluntary Career Transition of Managers in China (2014).

Gary N. McLean is President of McLean Global Consulting, Inc and Professor Emeritus at the University of Minnesota, USA. In addition, he teaches regularly at the National Institute of Development Administration in Thailand. His research interests focus on organization development and national and international HRD. He is the editor of Korean Philately and served as president of the Academy of Human Resource Development and the International Management Development Association. 

First book to provide a broad and current account of women leaders in China

Serves as a basis for the development of a future research agenda for international comparison studies on women in leadership

Compares and contrasts the different challenges, barriers, and opportunities facing Chinese women leaders with women leaders in other Asian and non-Asian countries

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Ouvrage de 272 p.

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