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Urban Climate Politics Agency and Empowerment

Langue : Anglais

Coordonnateurs : van der Heijden Jeroen, Bulkeley Harriet, Certomà Chiara

Couverture de l’ouvrage Urban Climate Politics
Since the 1990s, a burgeoning literature has emerged on the politics and governance of urban climate. It is now evident that urban responses to climate change involve a diverse range of actors as well as forms of agency that cross traditional boundaries, and which have diverse consequences for (dis)empowering different social groups. This book provides an overview of the forms of agency in urban climate politics, discussing the friction and power dynamics between them. Written by renowned scholars, it critically assesses the advantages and limitations of increasing agency in urban climate governance. In doing so, it sheds critical new light on the existing literature, advances the state of knowledge of urban climate governance and discusses ways to accelerate urban climate action. With chapters building on case studies from across the world, it is ideal for scholars and practitioners working in the area of urban climate politics and governance.
1. Introduction: Promises and Concerns of the Urban Century Jeroen van der Heijden, Harriet Bulkeley, and Chiara Certomà; 2. Unpacking Agency in Global Urban Climate Governance: City Networks as Actors, Agents, and Arenas David J. Gordon; 3. Empowerment and Disempowerment of Urban Climate Governance Initiatives: An Exploratory Typology of Mechanisms James J. Patterson and Nicolien van der Grijp; 4. Transnational Municipal Networks and Cities in Climate Governance: Experiments in Brazil Fabiana Barbi and Laura Valente de Macedo; 5. Making Climates through the City Lauren Rickards; 6. Cross-Movement Alliances as a Novel Form of Agency to Increase Socially Just Arrangements in Urban Climate Governance Karsten Schulz and Antje Bruns; 7. The Politics of Data-Driven Urban Climate Change Mitigation Sara Hughes, Laura Tozer and Sarah Giest; 8. Urban Planning for Sustainability and Justice: Lessons from Urban Agriculture François Mancebo and Chiara Certomà; 9. Unpacking the Black Box of Urban Climate Agency: (Dis)Empowerment and Inclusion in Local Participatory Processes Scott Morton Ninomiya and Sarah Burch; 10. From Public to Citizen Responsibilities in Urban Climate Adaptation: A Thick Analysis Caroline J. Uittenbroek, Heleen L. P. Mees, Dries L. T. Hegger, and Peter P. J. Driessen; 11. Agency and Climate Governance African Cities: Lessons from Urban Agriculture Christopher Gore; 12. The Effects of Transnational Municipal Networks on Urban Climate Politics in the Global South Fee Stehle, Chris Höhne, Thomas Hickmann and Markus Lederer; 13. The Politics of Urban Climate Futures: Recognition, Experimentation, and Orchestration Jeroen van der Heijden, Chiara Certomà, and Harriet Bulkeley
Jeroen van der Heijden is Professor and Chair in Regulatory Practice at the School of Government, Victoria University (New Zealand) and Honorary Professor at the School of Regulation and Global Governance, Australian National University (Australia). His research is concerned with innovations in urban climate governance in the global north and global south. Recent books include Innovations in Urban Climate Governance (Cambridge University Press, 2017) and Governance for Urban Sustainability and Resilience (Edward Elgar, 2014). He is a member of the International Editorial Advisory Board of the Journal of Environmental Policy and Planning.
Harriet Bulkeley is Professor of Geography at Durham University (UK). Her research is concerned with the nature and politics of environmental governance, and she has particular expertise in the areas of climate change, energy and urban sustainability. Recent books include Transnational Climate Change Governance (edited with Andonova, Betsill, Hoffmann, Newell, Paterson, Roger, and Vandeveer; Cambridge University Press, 2017) and Cities and Climate Change (Routledge, 2013). She currently convenes the H2020 NATURVATION project examining urban innovation with nature based solutions for sustainable development.
Chiara Certomà is Marie Skłodowska-Curie Research Fellow at Ghent University (Belgium) and the Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies (Italy). Her principal research topics include the politics of space and place, the effects of informal urban planning practices, and the role of new ICTs in urban sustainability governance. Recent books include Citizen Empowerment and Innovation in the Data-Rich City (edited with Dyer, Rizzi and Pocatilu; Springer, 2017) and Postenvironmentalism: A material semiotic perspective on living spaces (Palgrave Macmillan, 2016).

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