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The Justice of Visual Art Creative State-Building in Times of Political Transition Law in Context Series

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Couverture de l’ouvrage The Justice of Visual Art
In the aftermath of mass conflict how is it possible to address violent and traumatic pasts, reconcile divided nations, and strengthen state institutions? This study explores the connections between transitional justice and visual art in order to answer that question. Garnsey argues that art can engage and shape ideas of justice. Art can be an inquiry into, and an alternative experience of, justice. Art embeds justice on different political levels?both local and global. Art becomes a radical form of political participation in times of transition. Arising out of extensive fieldwork at the Constitutional Court of South Africa and the South Africa Pavilion at the Venice Biennale, which included 130 interviews with key decision makers, the book provides the first substantive theoretical framework for understanding transitional justice and visual art, and develops novel conceptions of visual jurisprudence and cultural diplomacy as forms of transitional justice.
1. Introduction; 2. Art and Justice in Times of Transition; Part I. Recognising Transitional Justice in the Nation State: 3. From Prison to Court; 4. Shaping 'Legal' Space; 5. The Art of Recognition; 6. The Visual Jurisprudence of Transition; Part II. Representing Transitional Justice on the Global Stage: 7. From Banned to Embraced; 8. Mapping Political Art-Scapes; 9. The Art of Representation; 10. The Cultural Diplomacy of Imaginary Fact; 11. Conclusion
Eliza Garnsey is a British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow in International Relations at the University of Cambridge and is Junior Research Fellow at Wolfson College Cambridge. She was previously awarded the 2017 Lisa Smirl PhD Prize for best thesis in Politics and International Studies, University of Cambridge.

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