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Islamic Insurance Products, 1st ed. 2019 Exploring Takaful Principles, Instruments and Structures

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Couverture de l’ouvrage Islamic Insurance Products

The growth of Islamic finance today is undeniable given its services, product innovation, performance and achievements, with the Islamic insurance market being no exception; it has retained global market recognition in a parallel platform as Islamic finance moves forward. There is much written regarding the Islamic insurance system, but rarely do researchers present the various Islamic insurance products and their structures in one collective place. This book is a timely addition in meeting contemporary market demands by providing a much-needed overview of the Islamic insurance products and their Shari?ah compliant structures. This book would be of interest to academics, researchers, students and professionals who are seeking to understand the products offered. 

Part I: An Overview of Takaful and Re-takaful
Chapter 1: An Overview of Takaful Products
Chapter 2: Re-Takaful Products at Nutshell
Chapter 3: Governing Principles of Takaful and Re-takaful Products
Part II: General Takaful Products
Chapter 4: Preview of General Takaful
Chapter 5: Motor Takaful
Chapter 6: Accident Takaful
Chapter 7: Fire Takaful Plan
Chapter 8: Experiencing in Fire Takaful
Chapter 9: Medical Takaful Plan
Chapter 10: Health Takaful Rider Plan
Chapter 11: Group Takaful Plan
Chapter 12: Group Takaful Plan for Health Care
Chapter 13: Pilgrimage (Haj) Takaful
Chapter 14: Haj Badal (Substitute Haj) Takaful
Chapter 15: Ziarah (Visit) Takaful
Chapter 16: Group Islamic Cash-Line Takaful
Chapter 17: Sukuk Takaful Plan
Chapter 18: On-Line Takaful Business
Chapter 19: Digital Currency Takaful
Part III: Family Takaful (Life Insurance) Products
Chapter 20: Preview of Islamic Life Insurance Product
Chapter 21: Family Takaful Plan
Chapter 22: Personal Accident Takaful
Chapter 23: Critical Illness Takaful
Chapter 24: Group Students' Takaful Plan
Chapter 25: Education Takaful
Chapter 26: Senior Citizen Takaful
Chapter 27: Endowment (Ma'asvi) Takaful
Chapter 28: Foreign Worker Takaful
Chapter 29: Mortgage Takaful
Chapter 30: Breast Cancer Takaful (Takaful Hawa)
Chapter 31: Pregnancy Takaful (Takaful Wiladah)
Chapter 32: Saving Takaful (Takaful Mesra)
Chapter 33: Unit Trust Takaful
Chapter 34: On-Line Family Takaful
Part IV: Re-takaful Products
Chapter 35: Re-takaful Products
Chapter 36: Structure of Re-takaful Products
Chapter 37: Management of Re-takaful Fund
Chapter 38: Investment of Re-takaful Fund
Part V: Claim and Quantum
Chapter 39: Claim Procedure in General Takaful
Chapter 40: Claim Procedure in Family Takaful
Chapter 41: Quantum of Damages in Takaful.
Mohd Ma’Sum Billah is Professor of Finance and Insurance at the Islamic Economics Institute, King Abdul Aziz University, Saudi Arabia. He is a member of various organizations and groups, including the working group of the Shari'ah Compliance functions, the AAIOFI Governance & Ethics Board (AGEB), AAIOFI, Bahrain and the Audit Committee, ACIG, Saudi Arabia alongside being an advisor to ICMIF, London. He is an author of 31 books and chapters in several books in the areas of Islamic and comparative finance, insurance, investment, capital markets, business, asset management and e-Commerce. He has also published more than 150 articles in Islamic and comparative finance, banking, capital markets, insurance, business and social finance and completed nine funded research projects successfully on different issues of Islamic and comparative finance and commerce funded by the Malaysian government and the Central bank. He has presented more than 200 papers and lectures at conferences, summits, conventions, seminars, executive workshops and forums in the specialized issues of Islamic finance, insurance, capital market, investment, business, social finance and cryptocurrency.

Unravels Islamic general insurance products, including accident, fire, motor, healthcare and travel insurance

Outlines the various Islamic life insurance products, including education, endowment, mortgage, personal accident, critical illness and senior citizen policies

Describes the Islamic standard of claim procedures for both general policies and life insurance policies 

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