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European Banking and Financial Law 2e (2nd Ed.)

Langue : Anglais

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Last September 2018 the financial community has celebrated the 10th anniversary of the formal start of the financial crisis, should this coincide with the collapse of Lehmann Brothers and the ensuing bail-out of Royal Bank of Scotland in October. During a period that has dramatically and tragically changed the world, banks, insurers, pension funds, investments firms and other financial institutions all have been subject to a revolution in the way they are disciplined and regulated in Europe and in the world. Very few doubt that the last decade has witnessed to an exponential increase in the volume of EU legislation on banking and financial law, including the one relating to financial transactions. In the meantime, unexpected centripetal forces within the Single Market are emerging, ?Brexit? being the most obvious symptom of these. 

This book serves as a comprehensive and authoritative introduction to European banking and financial law. The book, in resemblance with the first successful first edition, is organized around the three economic themes that are central to the financial industry: (i) financial markets; (ii) banking and financial institutions; and (iii) financial transactions. It covers not only regulatory law, but also commercial law (from both a common law and a civil law perspective) that is relevant for the most important financial transactions. In this new edition a light has been shed on new phenomena, such as shadow banking and cryptocurrencies; likewise, more emphasis has been placed on the regulation concerned about credit rating agencies, financial analysts, short selling, market abuse.

Chapter 1: Sources of European financial law


Chapter 2: The stock exchange and its modus operandi

Chapter 3: The sale and marketing of banking products and financial instruments


Chapter 4: The bank and its organization

Chapter 5: Bank supervision

Chapter 6: The bank and its insolvency

Chapter 7: The investment firm and the concept of "investment fund"


Chapter 8: Deposits and custody

Chapter 9: Guarantees

Chapter 10: Loan finance

Chapter 11: Derivatives

Chapter 12: Collateralised finance

Chapter 13: Structured finance: securitisations and covered bonds

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