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Cybercrime (2nd Ed.) Key Issues and Debates

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Couverture de l’ouvrage Cybercrime

Now in its second edition, Cybercrime: Key Issues and Debates provides a valuable overview of this fast-paced and growing area of law. As technology develops and internet-enabled devices become ever more prevalent new opportunities exist for that technology to be exploited by criminals. One result of this is that cybercrime is increasingly recognised as a distinct branch of criminal law.

The book offers readers a thematic and critical overview of cybercrime, introducing the key principles and clearly showing the connections between topics as well as highlighting areas subject to debate. Written with an emphasis on the law in the UK but considering in detail the Council of Europe?s important Convention on Cybercrime, this text also covers the jurisdictional aspects of cybercrime in international law. Themes discussed include crimes against computers, property, offensive content, and offences against the person, and, new to this edition, cybercrime investigation.

Clear, concise and critical, this book is designed for students studying cybercrime for the first time, enabling them to get to grips with an area of rapid change.

1. Cybercrime  Part I: Crimes Against Computers  2. Hacking and Malware: Targeting the Technology  3. Targeting Data  4. From Hacktivism to Cyberwarfare: Weaponising Cyberspace  Part II: "Property"  5. Intellectual and Virtual Property  6. Fraud  Part III: Offensive Content  7. Hate and Harm  8. Sexualised Content 1: Adult pornography  9. Sexualised Content 2: Child pornography  Part IV: Offences Against the Person  10. Offences Against the Person  Part V: Investigating Cybercrime  11. Jurisdiction  12.Policing Cybercrime: Structures  13. Policing Cybercrime: Investigative Powers

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