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Construction Insurance and UK Construction Contracts (3rd Ed.) Construction Practice Series

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Couverture de l’ouvrage Construction Insurance and UK Construction Contracts

Construction Insurance and UK Construction Contracts has long been the premier text for legal professionals looking for a combined analysis of construction contracts and their relation to insurance law. In a new and updated third edition, this book continues to provide in-depth commentary and pragmatic advice on all the most important regulations and policies surrounding contracts and insurance in the construction industry.

This book covers subjects such as:

  • Minor, intermediate and major project construction contracts
  • Classes of insurance contract
  • The role of insurance brokers
  • Risks in construction and legal liability
  • Professional indemnity insurance and directors' and officers' liability insurance
  • Bonds and insurance
  • Latent defect insurance
  • Property insurance
  • Health and Safety and Construction Regulations
  • Contract Insurance
  • FIDIC, JCT and NEC 3 regulations
  • PFI/PPP projects in the UK
  • Dispute resolution

This book is a vital reference tool and practical guide for lawyers and in-house counsels involved in the construction industry as well as project managers, quantity surveyors, construction contractors, architects and engineers needing advice from an experienced legal perspective.

1. Introduction to UK Construction Industry

2. General Rules and Principles of Insurance Law

3. Legal Liability

4. A Broad Overview of Risks in Construction Projects and the Role of Insurance

5. Classes of Insurance Contract

6. Placing the Insurance

7. Appointing Insurance Brokers and the Role of Insurance Brokers

8. The Meaning of "Damage" in Policies Relating to Construction Projects

9. Liability Policies

10. Professional Indemnity Insurance and Directors' and Officers' Liability Insurance

11. Property Damage Policies

12. Latent Defect Insurance

13. Insurance Arrangements and Parties' Ability to Sue and be Sued

14. Bonds and Insurance

15. Property Insurance (Under Higher Tier Property Documents)

16. Contract Insurance Under JCT Standard Form of Building Contract 2011   

17. Contract Insurance Under JCT Design and Building Contract 2011

18. Contract Insurance Under JCT Intermediate Building Contract 2011

19. Contract Insurance Under JCT Minor Works Contract 2011

20. Contract Insurance Under JCT Major Project Construction Contract 2011

21. Contract Insurance Under JCT Management Contract 2011

22. Contract Insurance Under JCT Construction Management 2011

23. Contract Insurance Under NEC 3 (2013)

24. FIDIC Conditions of Contract

25. Contract Insurance Under 1 MECH E/IEE MF/1 Contract

26. Contract Insurance Under 1 CHEM E Lump Sum Contracts

27. PFI/PPP Projects in the United Kingdom

28. Health and Safety on Construction Sites

29. Captives

30. Claims and the Third Party Rights Against Insurers Act

31. Dispute Resolution

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