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Cannabis Analysis Methods and Techniques for a Growing Industry

Langue : Anglais

Coordonnateurs : Smith Tyler N., Rennie Douglas

Cannabis Analysis: Methods and Techniques for a Growing Industry focuses on the critical cornerstone need for scientific, therapeutic and economic expansion of the cannabis industry - the accurate and efficient analysis of the composition and contaminants in cannabis and cannabis-based products. While there is an extensive body of scientific work focused on analytical methodology for cannabinoids compounds, the bulk of the literature is devoted to forensics and analysis for law enforcement purposes. Cannabis Analysis is the first analytical book to address the concerns and challenges of the cannabis industry using a focused and scientific approach. The analytical methods used in the cannabis industry today are far from standardized and are hotly debated among leaders in the cannabis field. This lack of uniformity poses risks and challenges for patients who use cannabis therapeutically, for state agencies who are tasked with overseeing cannabis laws, and for cannabis producers who want to ensure quality products. Written by academics and professionals whose work focuses on cannabis and its properties, this book serves as the reference standard for analytical methods in the cannabis industry.

  • Describes the challenges associated with analyzing cannabis products ? from preparing samples to accurately quantifying components
  • Presents methods and techniques for analyzing active components and contaminants and the state-of-the-art in cannabis analysis
  • Includes future directions for analytical methods
I. Introduction: The Rational for Cannabis Analysis – Tyler Smith, White Buffalo Labs
II. II. Analytical Sample Preparation: The Challenge of Gummy Bears and Other Complex Matrices – Amanda Rigdon, Emerald Scientific
III. III. Calibration: Overcoming the Challenge of Analytical Standards in a Semi-Legal Industry – TBD (Emerald Scientific, Sigma Aldrich)
IV. IV. Potency Testing: Analysis of Cannabinoids – TBD (Waters Corporation, PerkinElmer, Restek)
V. V. Terpene Analysis – Adam D. Richardson, Aegis Biosciences
VI. VI. Pesticides: Looking for Needles in the Haystack – Scott Kuzdzal, Shimadzu
VII. VII. Microbiological Testing– Lanny Smith, VICAM
VIII. VIII. Other Contaminants in Cannabis Products (Heavy Metals, Extraction Solvents, etc) - TBD
IX. IX. Genomic Testing for Strain Selection and Optimization – Mowgli Holmes, Phylos Bioscience (and/or Steep Hill Labs)
X. X. The Future of Cannabis Analysis – Christopher Hudalla, ProVerde Laboratories
  • Analytical testing laboratories cannabis testing and compliance services
  • Analytical instrument companies which serve or want to expand into the cannabis industry
  • State agencies involved in cannabis compliance
  • Cannabis growers, providers, and processors
  • Cannabis industry consultants
  • Academic researchers interested in cannabis science
After receiving his Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University of Montana in 2008, Tyler helped launch Rivertop Renewables, a renewable chemicals start-up company located in Missoula, MT. Tyler now serves as Rivertop’s Vice President of Research and Development. Tyler is an adjunct faculty member at the University of Montana where he serves as a co-advisor for a Ph.D. student in the Material Science program. He also serves as the Vice Chair of the Montana chapter of the American Chemistry Society (ACS). Tyler also serves as a board member for the American Cleaning Institute (ACI) and is an active member of the American Oil Chemists Society (AOCS).

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