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Australian Constitutional Law Concepts and Cases

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Couverture de l’ouvrage Australian Constitutional Law
Australian Constitutional Law: Concepts and Cases is a highly-accessible, clear and methodical overview of Australian constitutional law, integrating theory and doctrine. It is both comprehensive and concise. This book takes a conceptual rather than chronological approach to topics. With focussed rather than lengthy case extracts, the book explains what the law is and why various interpretations have been adopted. Clear explanations enable students to understand and engage with constitutional law, including its complexity and nuance. The book's explicit linkages between topics and clear delineation between case extracts and commentary help students make sense of Australian constitutional law as a whole. Conceptual and discussion questions at the end of each chapter facilitate student thinking and discussion about how the law has evolved and how the law is applied. Written by leading constitutional law scholar Luke Beck, Australian Constitutional Law: Concepts and Cases is invaluable for students engaging with Australian constitutional law.
Part I. Introduction; 1. Introduction to Australian Constitutional Law; Part II. Legislative Powers; 2. State Legislative Powers; 3. Constitutional Method: Interpretation, Characterisation and Invalidity; 4. Trade and Commerce Power; 5. Corporations Power; 6. External Affairs Power; 7. Immigration and Aliens Powers; 8. Constitutional Alteration and The Race Power; Part III. Limitations on Powers; 9. Acquisition of Property on Just Terms; 10. Freedom of Religion; 11. Implied Freedom of Political Communication; 12. Freedom of Interstate Trade, Commerce and Intercourse; Part IV. The Federal Parliament; 13. The Federal Parliament; 14. Choosing Members of Federal Parliament; Part V. The Courts and Judicial Power; 15. Separation of Judicial Power; 16. The Scope of Federal Judicial Power; 17. Non-Judicial Detention; 18. Institutional Integrity of Courts; Part VI. The Federal Executive; 19. Federal Executive Power; 20. Power to Spend Money; Part VII. Federalism; 21. Inconsistency between Federal Laws; 22. Intergovernmental Immunities; 23. Rights of Out of State Residents
Luke Beck is Associate Professor of Constitutional Law at Monash University. He is a leading scholar of Australian constitutional law and the leading expert on religious freedom under the Australian Constitution. His research has been cited by the High Court and he regularly provides expert advice to parliamentary committees. He is also a regular media commentator.

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