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English in the German-speaking World Studies in English Language Series

Langue : Anglais

Coordonnateur : Hickey Raymond

Couverture de l’ouvrage English in the German-speaking World
English has a considerable history in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, and present-day English has a significant influence on the vocabulary of modern German. Examining the ongoing influence of English on German in these countries, Raymond Hickey leads a team of authors to explore a wide range of topics, such as the history of English teaching in Germany, the type of English spoken in German-speaking countries today, and the role of English in German society. Borrowings from English in present-day German, as well as the use of English in public places, is also discussed, as is the use of English by non-Germans living in Germany, and the situation of Germany as a country with English as a foreign language. Comparisons with other European countries are also analysed, and a consideration of the German-English interface in places as far apart as the United States and Namibia, is also presented.
1. English in the German-speaking world: the nature and scale of language influence Raymond Hickey; Part I. The Status of English: 2. English in the German-speaking world: an inevitable presence Christian Mair; 3. English in Germany and the European context Sandra Mollin; 4. English in the former German Democratic Republic Göran Wolf; Part II. The Transmission of English: 5. The history of English instruction in the German-speaking world Friederike Klippel; 6. English language (teacher) education in Germany after 1945 Sabine Doff; 7. Supporting English medium instruction at German institutions of higher education Susanne Göpferich, Ina Alexandra Machura and Janine T. Murphy; Part III. Domains and Features of English: 8. Anglophone practices in Berlin: from historical evidence to transnational communities Theresa Heyd and Britta Schneider; 9. English in the German-speaking world: immigration and integration Janet M. Fuller; 10. Processes of language contact in English influence on German Alexander Onysko; 11. Persistent features in the English of German speakers Raymond Hickey; 12. Compiling a speech corpus of German English: rhoticity and the BATH vowel Sandra Jansen and Christian Langstrof; 13. A question of direction: German influence on English Julia Schultz; Part IV. Beyond Germany: 14. Varieties of English in the Netherlands and Germany Alison Edwards and Robert Fuchs; 15. English in Austria: policies and practices Ute Smit and Marlene Schwarz; 16. English in Switzerland Simone Pfenninger and Richard Watts; 17. English and German in Namibia Sarah Buschfeld and Anne Schröder; 18. English in German-speaking Wisconsin and the aftermath Joseph Salmons and Miranda E. Wilkerson; 19. The English 'infusion' in Pennsylvania German Mark Louden.
Raymond Hickey is Professor of English Linguistics at the Universität Duisburg–Essen, Germany. His main research interests are varieties of English, language contact, variation and change. Some of his recent publications include Listening to the Past (Cambridge, 2017), The Cambridge Handbook of Areal Linguistics (Cambridge, 2017) and English in Multilingual South Africa (Cambridge, forthcoming).

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