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Cervantes and the Early Modern Mind Routledge Studies in Renaissance Literature and Culture Series

Langue : Anglais

Coordonnateurs : Jaen Portillo Isabel, Simon Julien J.

The interrelation of mind and literature is a relatively unexplored topic in the field of early modern studies. Moreover, there has been insufficient dialogue between humanists and scientists on how fictional and scientific accounts of the mind contribute together to the view that early modern culture had of human psychology. The intent of this collection is to fill this gap by bringing together, not simply humanists and scientists, but more specifically researchers who have a consistent record of interdisciplinary research on the topic at hand: Spanish medical doctors who have amply investigated early modern medicine and psychology in relation to the literature of the time (specifically Cervantes) as well as Cervantes scholars who have explored his work in relation to cognitive theories. Such diversity of voices makes Cervantes and the Early Modern Mind the first truly interdisciplinary anthology in the field of Cervantes? studies, showing how scholars who put literary and scientific discourses in dialogue can help us further understand both Cervantes? work and early modern culture. Finally, the book serves to disseminate important research on the history of Spanish science carried out by renowned medical doctors from Spain, whose work, often written in Spanish, is virtually unknown outside of Spain. These scientists are representatives of a long tradition, beginning in the Renaissance, of doctors working at the crossroads of medicine and the humanities.

Foreword -- Howard Mancing

Introduction -- Isabel Jaén

Chapter 1 "Spanish Neuroscience in the Times of the Quixote" -- Antonio Martín-Araguz

Chapter 2 "Brain, Mind, and Don Quixote: A Neurological Perspective" -- José Alberto Palma & Fermín Palma

Chapter 3 "Psychotropic Agents in Cervantes’ Work: Regarding His Medical Sources on Pharmacology" -- Francisco López-Muñoz & Cecilio Álamo

Chapter 4 "The Mother of the Muses: Cervantes and the Science of Memory in Early Modern Spain" -- Julia Domínguez

Chapter 5 "Animal Consciousness in Cervantes: Thinking About Animal Thinking in Early Modern Spain" -- Steven Wagschal

Chapter 6 "Emotion and Human Development in Cervantes’ Don Quixote: The Case of Sancho Panza" -- Isabel Jaén

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