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Production Economics Evaluating Costs of Operations in Manufacturing and Service Industries Industrial Engineering Series

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This book serves a unique purpose within the world of engineering. It covers the economics of modern manufacturing and focuses on examining the techniques and methods from a cost perspective.

It can be used by both students and professionals alike. The book is useful to students in industrial engineering and mechanical engineering programs as a primary textbook for engineering economy, production costing, and related courses. It can also be used by MBA students specializing in production management and finance.

Specific topics of coverage include the computation of direct and indirect cost for manufacturing operations, including a variety of overhead operations in such an environment. Costing of manufacturing methods such as casting, forging, turning, milling, and welding is addressed along with inventory analysis.

The book also includes fundamental concepts such as cash flow analysis, present and future worth analysis, and rate of return analysis. Related topics such as equipment replacement, comparison of alternatives, depreciation, buy versus make decisions, interest factors, and equivalence are covered in detail as well.

Key Features:

  • Addresses the costing of manufacturing operations through a step-by-step problem solving approach.
  • Includes traditional engineering topics such as cash flow analysis, present worth, future worth analysis, replacement analysis, equivalence, and depreciation are addressed in depth as well.
  • Offers a variety of solved examples that can be used to develop a thorough understanding of the underlying concept.
  • Provides a number of practice problems at the end of each chapter.
  • Presents a large number of figures and tables in almost every chapter, to assist in visualizing the concept and apply it successfully.

Production Economics: Evaluating Costs of Operations in Manufacturing and Service Industries focuses on rigorous problem solving. Each topic is presented succinctly along with numerous solved examples, along with a large number of end-of-chapter practice problems where applicable.

Interest Factors, Equivalence, Present Worth, Annualized Equivalent Worth, and Future worth Analysis. Cost Estimation. Materials Costing. Process Costing. Overhead Expenses. Estimation of Capital Cost and Operating Cost. Costing of Material Handling Operations. Inventory Analysis and Costing. Administrative and Facilities Costs. Establishing the Selling Price. Comparison of Alternatives. Breakeven and Benefit Cost Analysis. Depreciation. Replacement Analysis. The Make v/s Buy Decision. Vendor Selection and Vendor Cost Verification. Influence of Assembly Automation and Market Factors on Production Economics. Appendix.

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