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Process Engineering Equipment Handbook

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Couverture de l’ouvrage Process Engineering Equipment Handbook
The first practical guide for process engineers, covering nearly every type of process-related equipment, this book is the fastest way to master process environments. This hands-on reference helps you : understand and specify all types of auxiliary process equipment and materials , provide engineering and operating expertise on machinery that is of prime importance in process engineering, including compressors and pumps, gas and steam turbines, fans, blowers and motors, both as individual components and as part of a supplied total package , explore various applications, such as mechanical drive and direct drive (power generation service) for gas turbines, major support systems including instrumentation, and key components such as bearings and seals, all with reference to practical applications. Troubleshoot and solve problems in unfamiliar machines and components , work effectively with control, environmental, mechanical, civil, and other technical specialists , handle issues with filters, seals, fans, dryers, nozzles, gaskets, elements made of unusual materials, blowers, connectors, gas and steam turbines, conveyors, feeders, joints, mills, controls, and many other categories of process equipment , gain valuable insight into the topics of vibration analysis and life-cycle assessment , perform major and minor audits of existing plants and machinery trains.
SECTION A ASME Specifications Abrasives Accident Management Accountability, Environmental (see Environmental Accountability) Acid Rain Acoustic Enclosures, Turbine Actuators Aerfoils: Airfoils (see Metallurgy, Turbines) Agitators Agriculture, Agricultural Product Processing Air Filtration, Air Inlet Filtration for Gas Turbines Air Pollution Control Air Purification, Air Sterilization SECTION B Balancing: Onspeed Balancing of a Rotor Balancing Problems, Troubleshooting (Turbomachinery) (see Condition Monitoring) Batteries (see Cells) Bearings Blades and Vanes (for a Turbine) (see Metallurgy, Turbines) Borescopes Boilers Brakes Brick-Lined Process Equipment Briquette Machines SECTION C CAD/CAM CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) Carbon, Carbon-Graphite Mix Products Carbon Dioxide (CO2), CO2 Disposal Castings (see Metallurgy) Cells Cement, Portland Cement Centrifuges Ceramics Chemical Cleaning Chemical Complex, (Petro)Chemical Complex, Chemical Plant Chemicals Chemicals (Toxic), Handling Chillers, Crystalizers, Chemical Separation Method, Alternative to Distillation/Fractional Distillation Chimneys (see Stacks) Cleaning Clutches (see Power Transmission) Coatings (see Ceramics, Metallurgy) Cogeneration Coker (see Oil Sands) Color Coding Columns (see Towers and Columns) Combustor(s), Low NOx Combustor (see Turbines) Compressors Condensers Condition Monitoring (CM), Condition-Monitoring System(s) (CMS), Engine Condition Monitoring (ECM), Engine Condition-Monitoring System(s)(ECMS) Control Regulators (see Actuators) Control Systems, Controls Controls, Retrofit Conversion Tables (see Some Commonly Used Specifications, Codes, Standards, and Texts) Conveyors Coolant, Engine Coolant Coolers, Dairy Cooling, Cool, Products That (Air Conditioners), Liquid-Cooled Air Conditioners Cooling Towers Corrosion, Anticorrosion Coatings Couplings (see Power Transmission) Crushers SECTION D Dampeners (see Pulsation Dampeners) Desalination Dialysis, Electrodialysis Distillation, Fractional Distillation Diverter, Diverter Damper, Diverter Valve, Flapper Valve Doctor Drives Drum, Knock-Out Drum, Knock-Out Vessel (see Separators) Drying Ducting, Ducting and Joints SECTION E ECM (Engine Condition Monitoring) (see Condition Monitoring) ECMS (Engine Condition-Monitoring Systems) (see Condition Monitoring) Ecological Parks, Industrial Ecological Parks Ecosystem Ejectors Electric Motors, Electric Motor Controls Emergency Power Generation (Packages) (see Engines, Gas) Emissions, Air Emissions Engines, Gas Environmental Accountability Environmental Air Monitoring (see Emissions) Environmental Economics Evaporative Coolers (see Chillers, Coolers, Dairy) Exhaust Stacks (see Stacks) Exhausters, Centrifugal Gas Expansion Joints Explosion, Explosion Hazard Analysis, Explosion Hazards Extraction, Liquid-Solid SECTION F Fans, Centrifugal Filters Flare Stacks Floating Covers Fluidized Bed Forest Products Fuel Gas Conditioning System(s) Fuel Systems, Fuel Flow Control Fuels, Alternative, Fuels, Gas Turbine SECTION G Gas Turbine Cleaning or Washing (see Turbines) Gas Turbines (see Turbines) Gearboxes (see Power Transmission) Generators, Turbogenerators Grinding (see Abrasives, Some Commonly Used Specifications, Codes, Standards, and Texts) Grinding Wheels (see Abrasives) SECTION H Hazards (see Color Coding, Explosion, Some Commonly Used Specifications, Codes, Standards, and Texts) Heat Exchangers Heat Pumps, Heat Pumps, Geothermal, Heating Systems witha Renewable Energy Source Heat Treatment (see Metallurgy) Heaters, Electric High-Speed Drive Systems (see Power Transmission) Hot Isostatic Pressing (or HIPing) (see Metallurgy) Hydraulic Filters (see Filters) SECTION I Industrial Ecological Park (see Ecological Parks) Industrial Ecology (see Ecological Parks) Inlet Ducts and Silencers (see Acoustic Enclosures, Turbine, Air Filtration, Ducting) Instrumentation (see Condition Monitoring, Measurement) Insulation (see Some Commonly Used Specifications, Codes, Standards, and Texts) Irradiation, Food Product SECTION L LCA (see Life-Cycle Assessment) LNG (see Liquid Natural Gas) Laser Cutting, Drilling, Machining, Welding (see Metallurgy) Life-Cycle Assessment (LCA) (or Turbomachinery) Liquid Eliminators (see Separators) Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) Lubrication SECTION M Magnetic Bearings (see Bearings) Measurement Metallurgy, Metallurgical Repair, Metallurgical Refurbishment Metering, Fluids, Metering Pumps (see Fuel Systems) Mist Eliminators (see Separators) Mixers (see Agitators, Centrifuges) Monitoring (see Condition Monitoring) Motors (see Electric Motors) SECTION N Noise and Noise Measurement (see Acoustic Enclosures, Turbine) Noise Silencing and Abatement (see Acoustic Enclosures, Turbine) Nondestructive Testing (FP1, MP1, X Ray) (see Metallurgy) Nozzles SECTION O Oil Analysis Oil Sand, Synthetic Crude, Tar Sands, Shale Oxygen Analysis Ozone SECTION P Packaing Paper (see Pulp and Paper) Pipe (see Some Commonly Used Specifications, Codes, Standards, and Texts) Plastics Pollutants, Chemical, Pollutants (from) Chemical Processes, Pollutant Indicators, Pollutants, Toxic, Pollutants, Toxic Chemicals) Portland Cement (see Cement) Power Production, Power Production In-House, IPP, SPP Power Transmission Pulp and Paper Pulsation Dampeners Pumps SECTION R Reactors, Chemical Reactors Refineries, Petroleum Refrigerant(s) Regenerator SECTION S Seals, Gas Seals Separators Snubbers (see Pulsation Dampeners) Stacks Steam Generator and Steam Supply SECTION T Tanks Temperature and Pressure Sensors (see Measurement) Thermal Insulation (see Some Commonly Used Specifications, Codes, Standards, and Texts) Thin-Film Processors (see Chillers) Torque Converters, Measurements, and Meters (see Power Transmission) Towers and Columns Toxic Substances (see Pollutants, Chemical) Transporation, of Bulk Chemicals, of Large Process Equipment Triple Redundancy Turbines, Gas Turbines, Steam Turbochargers Turboexpanders SECTION U Ultrasonic Cleaning SECTION V Valves (see Control Systems) Vanes (see Metallurgy) Vaporizers, Vaporizer applications Vents and Flame Arrestors Vibration Measurement (see Condition Monitoring) SECTION W Waste Heat Recovery (see Cogeneration) Waste Management Welding (see Metallurgy) Some Commonly Used Specifications, Codes, Standards, Texts Index

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