Motor control electronics handbook

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Introduction. Motor speed controls. Digital controls. Motor control electronics devices. Diagnostics for motor controls. Futuristic motor control.

Part 1: Introduction. Motor Control: Driving Forces and Evolving Technologies.
Part 2: Motor Speed Controls. Motor Control Attributes. DC Motor Control Designs. Automotive Motor Controls. Appliance Motor Controls. Electric Car Drives.
Part 3: Digital Controls. Motor Drive Electrical Noise Management. AC Induction Motor Control. Deadtime Distortion Correction. Motor Control MCUs and Development Tools. Networking for Motor Control Systems. MCU Motor Control Reliability.
Part 4: Motor Control Electronic Devices. Power Semiconductors for Motor Drives. Power Modules for Motor Control Applications. Motor Electronics Thermal Management. Motor Control Sensors.
Part 5: Diagnostics for Motor Controls. Electronic Motor Control Testing and Instrumentation.
Part 6: Futuristic Motor Control. Future Motor Control Electronics. Appendices: A: Switching Power Loss. B: Wire Inductance. C: Motor Control Semiconductors. D: Motor Control Standards. E: Electrical Vehicle AC Induction Motor Program. F: Space Vector Modulation Routine, MC68HCO8MP16. G: Brush DC Motor Program, MC68HC05MC4. H: Brushless DC Motor Program, MC68HC05MC4. I: Three-Phase AC Motor Program, MC68HC08MP16.
This book gives expert design and application help in controlling all types of motors, with precise, adaptable intelligence. Featuring the latest in electronics technology from the best and brightest in the business, this expert guides gives everything from the fundamentals to cutting-edge design tips, including real-life examples with software code.