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Maintenance Costs and Life Cycle Cost Analysis

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Authors have attempted to create coherent chapters and sections on how the fundamentals of maintenance cost should be organized, to present them in a logical and sequential order. Necessarily, the text starts with importance of maintenance function in the organization and moves to life cycle cost (LCC) considerations followed by the budgeting constraints. In the process, they have intentionally postponed the discussion about intangible costs and downtime costs later on in the book mainly due to the controversial part of it when arguing with managers.

The book will be concluding with a short description of a number of sectors where maintenance cost is of critical importance. The goal is to train the readers for a deeper study and understanding of these elements for decision making in maintenance, more specifically in the context of asset management. This book is intended for managers, engineers, researchers, and practitioners, directly or indirectly involved in the area of maintenance. The book is focused to contribute towards better understanding of maintenance cost and use of this knowledge to improve the maintenance process.

Key Features:

? Emphasis on maintenance cost and life cycle cost especially under uncertainty.

? Systematic approach of how cost models can be applied and used in the maintenance field.

? Compiles and reviews existing maintenance cost models.

? Consequential and direct costs considered.

? Comparison of maintenance costs in different sectors, infrastructure, manufacturing, transport.

Chapter 1 The relevance of the maintenance function in asset management

1.1 Purpose of Maintenance Function.

1.2 Reliability versus Maintenance.

1.3 Changing Role of Maintenance in Asset Management.

1.4 Physical Asset Management and Maintenance Cost.

1.5 Focusing on the Bottom Line.


Chapter 2 Maintenance Costing in Traditional LCC Analysis

2.1 Traditional LCC.

2.2 Life-cycle cost analysis as a project follow-up for assets

2.3 Trade-off tools for LCC.

2.4 LCC analysis as maintenance DSS

2.5 Rul as gauge and driver for maintenance expenses and investments.

2.6 Uncertainty in LCC and maintenance cost estimations.

2.7 LCC data acquisition and tracking systems.

2.8 Restriction of maintenance role in operation phase.


Chapter 3 Maintenance budget versus global maintenance cost

3.1 Asset management and Annual Maintenance Budget.

3.2 Cost of Labor Force: In-House vs Outsourced, Blue vs White Collar.

3.3 Spare Parts Policies for Cost Savings.

3.4 Over-Investments in Maintenance and Avoided Costs.

3.5 CMMS as maintenance cost control tool


Chapter 4 Maintenance performance measurement: Efficiency

4.1 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for Maintenance.

4.2 Maintenance Costs.

4.3 Financial KPIs and Their Relation to Maintenance Costs

4.4 Benchmarking Financial KPIs.

4.5 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), Benchmarking, and Best Practices.

4.6 The maturity of maintenance as a roadmap: Outcome of bechmarking.

4.7 Attempts at Standardization from Europe (EN) and USA (ISO).

4.8 Role of Maintenance Cost in a Maintenance Audit


Chapter 5 Consequential maintenance cost: A problem area

5.1. Economic Importance of Maintenance.

5.2. Classification of Maintenance Costs.

5.3. Costs after Downtime.

5.4 Intangible Aspects of Maintenance Costs and Uncertainty.

5.5 Combining Tangible and Intangible Maintenance Costs and Benefits.


Chapter 6 Maintenance services and new business models: A new way to consider costs

6.1. New Maintenance Service Providers.

6.2. Impact of Business and Technological Environment on Maintenance Costs.

6.3. Planned Obsolescence and the End of Traditional Maintenance.

6.4. Outsourcing Maintenance: New frameworks

6.5. Warranty Management: Extensions and Claims.

6.6. Insurance: Economic Responsibility of Third Parties.


7.Maintenance costs across the different sectors

7.1. Maintenance Costs Across the Sectors.

7.2. Transportation Assets: Rolling stock case study 1.

7.3. Transportation Assets: Rolling stock case study 2.

7.4. Infrastructure: Railway Infrastructure

7.5. Manufacturing Assets.

7.6. Military Equipment.

7.7. Aviation.

7.8. Facilities.

7.9. Energy.

7.10. Mining.


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