Kinematic design of machines and mechanisms

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Couverture de l'ouvrage Kinematic design of machines and mechanisms

Thème de Kinematic design of machines and mechanisms

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Basic concepts and definitions. Rigid body planar motion. Crank-slider mechanisms. inverted crank-slider and quick-return mechanisms. The Pin-jointed four bar linkage. The general four-bar linkage. Linkages with more than four links and multi-loop linkages. Qualitative approaches to linkage synthesis. Dyad synthesis of linkages. Cams. Gears and gear trains, forces, torques, and balancing. Kinestatics.
Basic Concepts and Definitions. Rigid Body Planar Motion. Crank-Slider Mechanisms. Inverted Crank-Slider and Quick-Return Mechanisms. Pin-Jointed Four-Bar Linkage. Inverted Crank-Slider Mechanisms, Velocity Matching Mechanisms, and Quick-Return Mechanisms. The General Four-Bar Linkage. Multiloop Linkages and Other Linkages with More Than Four Links. Qualitative Approaches to Linkage Synthesis. Dyad Synthesis and Computer-Aided Synthesis of Linkages. Cams. Gears and Gear Trains. Forces, Torques, and Dynamic Balancing.
This timely book gives mechanical engineers and designers a completely practical information and how-to methodologies for the application of the geometry of motion. Clearly and concisely it covers such commonly-used devices as crank-sliders, quik-return mechanisms, linkages, cams, and gears and gear trains.