Industrial refrigeration handbook

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Field of industrial refrigeration. Refrigerant properties. Refrigeration cycles and SI units. Multiusage systems. Reciprocating compressors. Screw compressor. Evaporators. Air coils and liquids chillers. Condensers. Liquid recirculation systems. Refrigerant piping. Vessels. Valves and refrigerant controls. Refrigerants. Safety. Electrical controls and instrumentation. Lubrication and oil handling. Conservation, reclaim, and storage of energy. The refrigeration and freezing of safety. Refrigetation load calculations. Refrigerated structures. Secondary coolants. Brines and antifreezes. Refrigeration below -40 degrees.
Preface. The Field of Industrial Refrigeration. Properties, Cycles and Units. Multistage Systems. Reciprocating Compressors. Screw Compressors. Evaporators Air Coils and Liquid Chillers. Condensers. Liquid Recirculation. Refrigerant Piping. Vessels. Valves and Refrigerant Controls. Refrigerants. Safety. Electrical Control and Instrumentation. Lubrication and Oil Handling. Conservation, Reclaim, and Storage of Energy. The Refrigeration and Freezing of Food. Refrigeration Load Calculations. Refrigerated Structures. Secondary Coolants Brines and Antifreezes. Refrigeration Below 40 Degree.
Industrial refrigeration concentrates on the temperature range between 5 to -40C. This handbook provides information and data on both the fundamentals of industrial refrigeration and the practical real-world design, installation and operating procedures.