HVAC systems and components handbook (2nd ed' 97)

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Major sections : system considerations. Comfort applications. Process and special applications. Types of HVAC systems. Components of HVAC systems. Basic components. Heating equipment. Refrigeration equipment. Air handling equipment. Distribution-piping and ducting. General considerations. Automatic controls. Avoiding noise and vibration. Design for energy conservation. Environmental impact of HVAC. Water treatment. Applicable codes and standards.
Major Sections: System Considerations. Comfort Applications. Process and Special Applications. Types of HVAC Systems. Components of HVAC Systems. Basic Components. Heating Equipment. Refrigeration Equipment. Air Handling Equipment. Distribution Piping and Ducting. General Considerations. Automatic Controls. Avoiding Noise and Vibration. Design for Energy Conservation. Environmental Impact of HVAC. Water Treatment. Applicable Codes and Standards.
This handbook is a comprehensive single-volume reference on HVAC systems. It guides engineers and specialists in producing the most efficient and economical system designs, selecting and installing today's most advanced equipment, maintaining systems to top performance, and assuring adherence to key codes and standards. It includes the latest perspectives on energy conservation and energy consumption, as well as up-to-date information on the environment impact of HVAC design.