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Design and Simulation of Rail Vehicles Ground Vehicle Engineering

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Couverture de l’ouvrage Design and Simulation of Rail Vehicles

A thorough understanding of the issues that affect dynamic performance, as well as more inventive methods for controlling rail vehicle dynamics, is needed to meet the demands for safer rail vehicles with higher speed and loads. Design and Simulation of Rail Vehicles examines the field of rail vehicle design, maintenance, and modification, as well as performance issues related to these types of vehicles. This text analyzes rail vehicle design issues and dynamic responses, describes the design and features of rail vehicles, and introduces methods that address the operational conditions of this complex system.Progresses from Basic Concepts and Terminology to Detailed Explanations and Techniques.

Focused on both non-powered and powered rail vehicles—freight and passenger rolling stock, locomotives, and self-powered vehicles used for public transport—this book introduces the problems involved in designing and modeling all types of rail vehicles. It explores the applications of vehicle dynamics, train operations, and track infrastructure maintenance. It introduces the fundamentals of locomotive design, multibody dynamics, and longitudinal train dynamics, and discusses co-simulation techniques. It also highlights recent advances in rail vehicle design, and contains applicable standards and acceptance tests from around the world.

• Includes multidisciplinary simulation approaches

• Contains an understanding of rail vehicle design and simulation techniques

• Establishes the connection between theory and many simulation examples

• Presents simple to advanced rail vehicle design and simulation methodologies

Design and Simulation of Rail Vehicles serves as an introductory text for graduate or senior undergraduate students, and as a reference for practicing engineers and researchers investigating performance issues related to these types of vehicles.



Unpowered Rail Vehicle Design


Types of Wagons

Wagon Frames

Suspension Elements


Wheelsets and Bearings

Wagon Bodies

Brake Systems



Acceptance Tests

Advances in Rail Vehicle Design

Design of Locomotives

History of Locomotives

Traction Rolling Stock

Common Locomotive Components and Systems

Locomotive Design: New Perspectives

General Modelling Techniques

Dynamics of Bodies

Wheel–Rail Contact Patch

Brake Modelling


Introduction to FEM

FEM of Rail Vehicle Structure

FEM of Rail

Rail Track, Sub-Structure and Bridge Modelling

Pantograph Modelling

Modelling Techniques


Multibody Dynamics

Introduction to Multibody Dynamics




Rigid Body versus Flexible Body

Multibody Dynamics Software for Rail Vehicle Dynamics


Longitudinal Train Dynamics

Introduction to Longitudinal Train Dynamics

Modelling Longitudinal Train Dynamics

Interaction of Longitudinal Train and Lateral/Vertical Wagon Dynamics

Longitudinal Comfort

Energy Considerations

Train Control, Management and Driving Practices

Design Considerations


Rail Vehicle–Track Interaction Dynamics


Modelling of Rail Vehicles

Modelling of Tracks

Modelling of Wheel–Rail Contact

Example of a Three-Dimensional Rail Wagon–Track System Dynamics Model

Numerical Integration Methods

Vehicle Dynamic Performances

Vehicle–Track Interactions

Vehicle Acceptance Simulations


Co-Simulation and Its Application

Introduction to Co-Simulation Process

Co-Simulation between Multibody Software Packages and MATLAB/Simulink

Design of the Co-Simulation Interface


Advanced Simulation Methodologies

Complex Tasks and Their Solutions

Scenario A: On-Line Simulation and Existing Pre-Calculated Data

Scenario B: On-Line Simulation and Experimental Data

Scenario C: Real-Time Simulation




Students, researchers and practicing engineers

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