Aboveground storage tanks

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Fundamentals. Codes, standards and regulations. Materials considerations. Corrosion and corrosion prevention. Tank foundations. Seismic considerations. General design of tanks. Tank roofs. Fire protection of tanks. Tank emissions. Tanks constructed of materials. Tank inspection, repairs and reconstruction. Tank settlement. Groundwater protection. Tank cleaning. Tank accessories.
Fundamentals. Code, Standards, and Regulations. Materials Considerations. Corrosion and Corrosion Prevention. Corrosion Prevention with Linings. Tank Foundations. Seismic Considerations. General Design of Tanks. Tank Roofs. Fire Protection of Tanks. Tank Emissions. Tanks Constructed of Other materials. Tank Inspection, Repairs, and Reconstruction. Tank settlement. Groundwater Protection. Miscellaneous Topics. Tank Accessories.
Aboveground storage tanks (AST) are a necessary part of all facilities in the chemical process industries. An AST is used to store fluids or liquids that a plant needs to accumulate, store, transport, or sell. This book discusses issues of design, operation and maintenance of ASTs with a concentration on environmental issues.