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The Chemistry of Radical Polymerization (3rd Ed.)

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Couverture de l’ouvrage The Chemistry of Radical Polymerization

The Chemistry of Radical Polymerization, Third Edition, is completely updated with the latest trends, terminology, and applications in this fast-moving field. This comprehensive reference contains crucial foundational information that will help users understand the factors which control radical polymerization, along with practical content to support the design of polymer syntheses, and critical evaluation of the latest developments and their impact on research and practice.

Covering vital processes that chemistry researchers, practitioners, and advanced students need to know, the book includes new content on the growing area of heterogeneous polymerization, including emulsion, miniemulsion, microemulsion, and dispersion polymerization. This new edition also explores recent progress in methods of control, including those not based on reversible deactivation radical polymerization or living radical polymerization.

The coverage of RAFT polymerization has also been thoroughly updated to match the current IUPAC recommendation as well as to correspond with this exciting area of active research.

  • Offers valuable training for graduates in polymer chemistry and is a key reference for researchers and practitioners in radical polymerization
  • Features substantial updates and expansion of key chapters on controlled and living polymerization, reflecting the considerable growth and advances in the field
  • Includes a completely new chapter on heterogeneous polymerization

1. Introduction 2. Radical Reactions 3. Initiation 4. Propagation 5. Termination 6. Chain Transfer 7. Copolymerization 8. Heterogeneous Polymerization 9. Reversible-Deactivation Radical Polymerization (RDRP) 10. Stable Radical-Mediated Radical Polymerization 11. Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization 12. Radical Polymerization with Degenerate Chain Transfer 13. Radical Polymerization in Heterogeneous Media

Chemistry researchers, professionals, and graduate students

Graeme Moad, PhD, FAA, FRACI

Chief Research Scientist, Materials Science and Engineering

Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO)

Clayton, Victoria, Australia

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