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Plant Based “Green Chemistry 2.0”, 1st ed. 2019 Moving from Evolutionary to Revolutionary Green Chemistry and Sustainable Technology Series

Langue : Anglais

Coordonnateurs : Li Ying, Chemat Farid

Couverture de l’ouvrage Plant Based “Green Chemistry 2.0”

This book provides practical information on obtaining and using a wide variety of plant based reagents for different sectors, addressing the needs and challenges in a single resource. The chapters complement each other seamlessly and present contributions from reputed international researchers and renowned professionals from industry, covering the latest efforts in the field. 

The book serves as the starting point for future collaborations in the new area ?Plant Based Green Chemistry? between research, industry, and education, covering large ecologic and economic applications: perfume, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, food ingredients, nutraceuticals, biofuels, or fine chemicals industries. This book is aimed at professionals from industries, academicians engaged in plant based green chemistry, researchers and graduate level students, but will also be useful to food technologists and students and researchers involved in natural products chemistry.

PART Ⅰ GREEN or SUSTAINABLITY CONCEPT EVOLUTION.- Plant based green chemistry: moving towards petroleum free chemistry.- Biorefinery concept as a key for sustainable future of plant based green chemistry.- From Petroleum toBio-based solvents: from academia to industry.- PART Ⅱ DEVELOPED STRATEGIES and SUCCESS STORIES WORLDWIDE.- Plant based chemicals extraction and isolation – how to get from biological material to pure compounds.- Phytoextraction to promote sustainable development.- Bioactives from agriculture and food processing wastes: Green approaches to valuable chemicals.- Natural terpenes as building blocks for green chemistry.- Polyphenols as natural antioxidants: sources, extraction and applications in food, cosmetics and drugs.- Proteins from pulses and oleaginous meals as industrial sources for food and feed.- Carob: a unique source for sustainable materials and products.- PART Ⅲ REVOLUTIONARY APPLICATIONS in VARIOUS FIELDS.- Green extraction from Chinese medicinal plants as bio-source of drugs.- Vegetable oils: sources, extraction, valorization and sustainability.- Sustainable Biomaterials: Current Trends, Challenges and Applications.- Sustainable Biofuels: emergence, developments, and prospects.- Sustainability aspects of biobased products.

Ying LI is an Associate Professor of Chemistry at Jinan University. He received his Master degree from University of Toulouse (2010) and his PhD degree from Avignon University (2014), France. After periods of working experience in both academic (2014-2015) and industrial (2015-2017) fields, he moved to Department of Food Science and Engineering in Jinan University, Guangzhou as an associate professor. His main research interests have focused on total valorization of bioresources, particularly, the integration of green technologies and alternative solvents for extracting bioactive compounds (e.g. essential oils, antioxidants, pigments, lipids, etc.) from characteristic indigenous plants or microorganisms, which lead to safe and cost-efficient processing procedures, and high value-added final products with great potential in food, cosmetics, nutraceuticals, and pharmaceutical industries. He has accomplished dozens of relevant scientific peer-reviewed papers, one Springer book (Y. Li, A.S. Fabiano-Tixier and F. Chemat, Essential Oils as Reagents in Green Chemistry, Springer, 2014, 978-3-319-08448-0), and four book chapters in recent years, as well as equal numbers of international conference communications. 

Farid Chematis a full Professor of Chemistry at Avignon University, Director of GREEN Extraction Team (innovative techniques, alternative solvents, and original procedures for green extraction of natural products), co-director of ORTESA LabCom research unit Naturex-UAPV, and scientific coordinator of “France Eco-Extraction” dealing with dissemination of research and education on green extraction technologies. He received his engineer diploma from University of Blida-Algeria (1990) and his PhD degree (1994) in process engineering from the Institute National Polytechnique of Toulouse-France. After periods of postdoctoral research work with Prolabo-Merck, Rhone-Poulenc and Unilever (1995-1997), he spent two years (1997-1999) as seni

Covers a broad range of subjects in chemistry and chemical engineering relating to transformation and utilization of carbon dioxide

Introduces the latest developments and new applications available in the area of “plant based green chemistry”

Presents various examples of using plant based chemicals to help humanity move towards petroleum free chemistry

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