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Hydrogen Bonding : New insights, (Challe nges & advances in computational chemist ry & physics, Vol. 3), 2006 Challenges and Advances in Computational Chemistry and Physics Series, Vol. 3

Langue : Anglais

Coordonnateur : Grabowski Slawomir

Couverture de l’ouvrage Hydrogen Bonding : New insights, (Challe nges & advances in computational chemist ry & physics, Vol. 3)
Hydrogen Bonding – New Insights is an extensive text which takes numerous examples from experimental studies and uses these to illustrate theoretical investigations to allow a greater understanding of hydrogen bonding phenomenon. The most important topics in recent studies are considered including: Intra-molecular H-bonds. Differences between H-bond and van der Waals interactions from one side and covalent bonds from the other. Bader theory to analyze H-bonding. Influence of weak H-bonds upon structure and function of biological molecules. H-bonds in crystal structures. With contributions from some of the foremost experts in this field this volume provides an invaluable resource for all members of the academic community looking for a comprehensive text on hydrogen bonding. It will be of particular interest to physical and theoretical chemists, spectroscopists, crystallographers and those involved with chemical physics.
I. Characterization of Hydrogen Bonding: From van der Waals Interactions to Covalency, R. Parthasarathi and V. Subramanian II. Intramolecular Hydrogen Bonds. Methodologies and Strategies for their Strength Evaluation, Giuseppe Buemi III. Changes of Electron Properties in the Formation of Hydrogen Bonds, Luis F. Pacios IV. Weak to Strong Hydrogen Bonds, Han Myoung Lee, N. Jiten Singh, Kwang S. Kim V. The Nature of the C-H…X Intermolecular Interactions in Molecular Crystals. A Theoretical Perspective, Fernando Mota, Emiliana D'Oria VI. Weak hydrogen bonds involving transition elements, Maria José Calhorda VII. Contribution of CH··X Hydrogen Bonds to Biomolecular Structure, Steve Scheiner VIII. Neutral Blue-Shifting and Blue-Shifted Hydrogen Bonds, Eugene S. Kryachko IX. Hydrogen-Hydrogen Bonding: the Non-Electrostatic Limit of Closed-Shell Interaction Between two Hydrogen Atoms (A Review), Chérif F. Matta X. Potential Energy Shape for the Proton Motion in Hydrogen Bonds Reflected in Infrared and NMR Spectra, Gleb S. Denisov, Janez Mavri and Lucjan Sobczyk XI. Molecular Geometry – Distant Consequences of H-Bonding, Tadeusz M. Krygowski and Joanna E. Zachara XII. Topology of X-ray charge density of hydrogen bonds, Tibor S. Koritsanszky XIII. Structure-Property Relations for Hydrogen-Bonded Solids, Andrzej Katrusiak XIV. Unrevealing the Nature of Hydrogen Bonds: p -Electron delocalization Shapes H-Bond Features. Intramolecular and Intermolecular Resonance-Assisted Hydrogen Bonds, Slawomir J.Grabowski and Jerzy Leszczynski

Links theoretical studies with experimental results

Covers the most important recent aspects in H-bonding

Includes numerous examples to allow a greater understanding of H-bonding

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