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Gas-Particle and Granular Flow Systems Coupled Numerical Methods and Applications

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Couverture de l’ouvrage Gas-Particle and Granular Flow Systems

Modeling of gas-particle and granular flow systems is an emerging interdisciplinary field of study which involving mathematics, numerical methods, and computational science as well as mechanical, chemical, and nuclear engineering. New researchers sometimes are often intimidated by the complexities of the fluid-particle, particle-particle, particle-wall interactions in multi-disciplines especially when dealing with complex particle and pebble flow systems.

Gas-Particle and Granular Flow Systems: Coupled Numerical Methods and Applications breaks down the complexities, details the numerical methods (including basic theory, modelling, and techniques in programming), and provides researchers with an introduction and starting point to each of the disciplines involved.

  • Presents the most recent advances in modeling of gas-particle and granular flow systems
  • Features detailed and multi-disciplinary case studies at the conclusion of each chapter to underscore key concepts
  • Discusses coupled methods of particle and granular flow systems theory and includes advanced modeling tools and numerical techniques

1. Particle and Pebble Flow: An Introduction 2. Discrete Particle Models and Extensions 3. Coupled Methods 4. Physical Characterization and Key Parameters 5. Application in Gas-Particle Flows 6. Application in Granular Mixing 7. Application in Pebble Flows

Chemical Engineers, Materials Scientists, and Chemists in research and industry comprise the primary audience. Secondary audience includes instructors and students taking related coursework at the graduate level

Nan Gui, PhD, is Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering at the Institute of Nuclear and New Energy Technology at Tsinghua University in Beijing, China. Dr. Gui’s career in research and instruction spans more than 20 years. He has a multi-disciplinary research focus across physics, chemistry, materials science, mathematics, numerical methods, computational science, and a number of engineering disciplines including mechanical, chemical, and nuclear. He has authored more than 70 articles across a range of peer-reviewed journals.
Xingtuan Yang is a researcher in the Laboratory of Advanced Reactor Engineering and Safety at Tsinghua University.
Professor and Deputy Head, Research and Innovation, Department of Aerospace, Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) University, Australia
Shengyao Jiang is a researcher in the Laboratory of Advanced Reactor Engineering and Safety at Tsinghua University.

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