Functional metal-organic frameworks: Gas Storage, Separation and Catalysis
Topics in current chemistry Series, Vol. 293

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This series presents critical reviews of the present position and future trends in modern chemical research Short and concise reports on chemistry, each written by the world renowned experts.
Microporous Organic Polymers:
. Design, Synthesis, and Function
. Hydrogen, Methane and Carbon Dioxide Adsorption in Metal-Organic Framework Materials
. Doping of Metal-Organic Frameworks with Functional Guest Molecules and Nanoparticles

Chiral Metal-Organic Porous Materials:
. Synthetic Strategies and Applications in Chiral Separation and Catalysis
. Controlled Polymerization by Incarceration of Monomers in Nanochannels
. Designing Metal-Organic Frameworks for Catalytic Application
. Magnetic and Porous Molecule-Based Materials