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Contemporary reactive intermediate chemistry

Langue : Anglais

Coordonnateurs : Moss Robert A., Platz Matthew S., Jones Maitland

Couverture de l’ouvrage Contemporary reactive intermediate chemistry
Reactive Intermediate Chemistry presents a detailed and timely examination of key intermediates central to the mechanisms of numerous organic chemical transformations. Spectroscopy, kinetics, and computational studies are integrated in chapters dealing with the chemistry of carbocations, carbanions, radicals, radical ions, carbenes, nitrenes, arynes, nitrenium ions, diradicals, etc. Nanosecond, picosecond, and femtosecond kinetic realms are explored, and applications of current dynamics and electronic structure calculations are examined. Reactive Intermediate Chemistry provides a deeper understanding of contemporary physical organic chemistry, and will assist chemists in the design of new reactions for the efficient synthesis of pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals, and agricultural products. Among its features, this authoritative volume is:
Preface.. . Part 1: REACTIVE INTERMEDIATES . 1. Carbocations (R. A. McClelland). 2. Crossing the Borderline Between SN1 and SN2 Nucleophilic Substitution at Aliphatic Carbon(T. L. Amyes, et al.). 3. Carbanions (S. Gronert). 4. Radicals (M. Newcomb). 5. Non-Kekul Molecules as Reactive Intermediates (J. A. Berson). 6. Organic Radical Ions (H. D. Roth). 7. Singlet Carbenes (M. Jones Jr. and R. A. Moss). 8. Stable Singlet Carbenes (G. Bertrand). 9. Triplet Carbenes (H. Tomioka). 10. Atomic Carbon (P. B. Shevlin). 11. Nitrenes (M. S. Platz). 12. Synthetic Carbene and Nitrene Chemistry (M. P. Doyle). 13. Nitrenium Ions (D. E. Falvey). 14. Silylenes (W. Ando and N. Tokitoh). 15. Strained Hydrocarbons: Structures, Stability, and Reactivity (K. B. Wiberg). 16. Arynes (M. Winkler, et al.). . Part 2: METHODS AND TEMPORAL REGIMES . 17. Matrix Isolation (T. Bally). 18. Nanosecond Laser Flash Photolysis: A Tool for Physical Organic Chemistry (J. C. Scaiano). 19. The Picosecond Realm (E. Hilinski). 20. Reactions on the Femtosecond Time Scale (J. E. Baldwin). 21. Potential Energy Surfaces and Reaction Dynamics (B. K. Carpenter). 22. The Partnership Between Electronic Structure Calculations and Experiments in the Study of Reactive Intermediates (W. T. Borden).

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