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Comptes rendus Académie des sciences, Chimie, tome 8, fasc 11-12, novembre décembre 2005 : nouvelles architectures moléculaires construites...

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Couverture de l’ouvrage Comptes rendus Académie des sciences, Chimie, tome 8, fasc 11-12, novembre décembre 2005 : nouvelles architectures moléculaires construites...
Unprecedented Mu3-Oi face capping ligand in a [Mo6Bri6Li2Bra6] (L = 0.5 O + 0.5 Br) molybdenum cluster unit: crystal structure of the Cs3Mo6Br13O oxybromide. Synthesis, crystal and electronic structures of the novel [Nd12.4Mg0.6Mo13O36] compound containing Mo13 clusters. Octahedral rhenium cluster chemistry: from high temperature syntheses to elaboration of new inorganic/molecular hybrid compounds via solution route. 'Chimie douce' synthesis, crystal and electronic structures of the novel Hg~4.2Mo15X19 (X = S, Se) compounds containing Hg3, Mo6 and Mo9 clusters. Inheritance of the guanidinium chloride structure in two molybdenum (II) chloride salts. 2D sheet frameworks constructed from a diruthenium paddlewheel complex and hexamolybdenum halide clusters. Synthesis and crystal structure of 2[(Ta6Cl12)Cl3(n-BuCN)3]·[(Ta6Cl12)Cl4(n-BuCN)2]·n-BuCN. The first cluster compound containing [Ta6Cl12]3+ and [Ta6Cl12]4+ cores. Interaction of mononuclear Ni complexes with [M6S8(CN)6]q- clusters (M=Re, Mo): a quantum chemical study. Monotopic binding modes for ditopic ligands: synthesis and characterization of [W6S8L6 ] (L = bis(diphenylphosphino)ethane, 4,4'-bipyridine) cluster compounds. [Mo6Br8]-Cluster-cored organometallic stars and dendrimers. Tetrameric arrays of the [Re6(Mu3-Se8)]2+ clusters supported by a porphyrin core: synthesis, characterization, and electrochemical studies. Use of polynuclear metal clusters in protein crystallography. [Mo3ReS4(O)2(S2P(OEt)2)5]: an example of chalcogenide cluster with a highly oxidized Mo3ReS49+ core. A synthesis route for carbon-centered triprismo-hexatungsten cluster compounds and the crystal structure of Cs[W6CCl18] ·CH3OH. Lanthanide-transition-metal carbonyl complexes: architectures derived from isocarbonyl polymeric arrays. Reactivities of the chalcogen-capped triiron clusters [EFe3(CO)9]2- (E = Te, Se, S): cluster growth and transformations. A new multivalent cluster: synthesis, electrochemistry, solid state structure and computational studies on the iron-nickel mixed-metal nitride anions [Fe6Ni6N2(CO)24]n- (n = 2, 3, 4). Synthesis and structural characterization of the neutral pentagonal-prismatic [Co11Te7(CO)10] cluster in a matrix of [Cp'4Nb2(CH3Te)Te]I (Cp' = tBuC5H4). Skeletal isomerism in mixed transition-metal/main-group closo clusters. Iron, silicon, tin polymetallic complexes: formation of trans, cis, cis- [Fe(CO)2(dppm-P,P)(SnClPh2)2] by silicon - tin exchange and its crystal structure. Synthesis of a chain of nine-atom germanium clusters accompanied with dimerization of the sequestering agent. Electronic interactions in bridged bis(cluster) assemblies - a comparison of para-CB10H10C, para-C6H4 and C4 bridges. Interplay of metallic and ionic bonding in layered subnitrides AE2N (AE = Ca, Sr, or Ba) under high pressure. Heterobimetallic bismuth-transition metal coordination complexes as single source molecular precursors for the formation of advanced oxide materials. A novel two-dimensional framework solid composed of nanosized molybdenum oxide molecules: synthesis and characterization of [{Gd(H2O)5}4{Mo36(NO)4O108(H2O)16}]·34H2O. {Mo2O2X2}2+ (X = O, S), a magic building block for the design of wheel shaped metalates.

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