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Chemistry in motion: reaction-diffusion systems for micro- and nanotechnology Reaction-Diffusion Systems for Micro- and Nanotechnology

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Couverture de l’ouvrage Chemistry in motion: reaction-diffusion systems for micro- and nanotechnology
Reaction Diffusion Systems presents fundamental aspects of reaction–diffusion with its applications in modern small-scale technologies. The discussion includes mathematics of RD systems, RD in laboratory practice and RD applications such as for chemical amplification and sensing. This book provides readers with the ultimate guide through all the aspects of these systems– from understanding the basics to practical hints and then how to interpret its results.
1. Panta Rei - Everything Flows. Historical Perspective. What lies ahead? How nature uses RD. RD in Science and Technology. 2. Basic Ingredients: Diffusion. Diffusion Equation. Solving Diffusion Equations. The Use of Symmetry and Superposition. Cylindrical and Spherical Coordinates. Diffusion in Nonhomogeneous Media. 3. Chemical Reactions. Reactions and Rates. Chemical Equilibrium and Irreversible Reactions. Ionic Reactions and Solubility Products. Autocatalysis, Cooperativity, and Feedback. Oscillating Reactions. Reactions in Gels. 4. Putting It All Together: Reaction-Diffusion Equations and the Methods of Solving Them. General Form of RD Equations. RD Equations That Can Be Solved Analytically. Spatial Discretization. Temporal Discretization and Integration. Heuristic Rules for Selecting a Numerical Method. Mesoscopic Models. 5. Spatial Control of Reaction-Diffusion at Small Scales - Wet Stamping (WETS). Choice of Gels. Fabrication. 6. Fabrication by Reaction-Diffusion: Curvilinear Microstructures for Optics and Fluidics. Microfabrication: The Simple and the Difficult. Fabricating Arrays of Microlenses by RD and WETS. Intermezzo - Some Thoughts on Rational Design. Guiding Microlens Fabrication by Lattice-Gas Modeling. Disjoint Features and Microfabrication of Multilevel Structures. Microfabrication of Microfluidic Devices. 7. Multitasking: Micro- and Nanofabrication with Periodic Precipitation. Periodic Precipitation. Phenomenology of Periodic Precipitation. Governing Equations. Microscopic PP Patterns in Two Dimensions. Two-Dimensional Patterns for Diffractive Optics. Buckling into the Third Dimension: Periodic "Nanowrinkles". Toward the Applications of Buckled Surfaces. Instead of Summary: Parallel Reactions and the Nanoscale. 8. Reaction-Diffusion at Interfaces: Structuring Solid Materials. Deposition of Metal Foils at Gel Interfaces. Cutting into Hard Solids with Soft Gels. The Take-Home Message. 9. Micro-Chameleons: Reaction-Diffusion for Amplification and Sensing. Amplification of Material Properties by RD Micronetworks. Amplifying Macromolecular Changes using Low-Symmetry Networks. Detecting Self-Assembled Monolayers. Sensing Chemical "Food". Extensions: New Chemistries, Applications and Measurement. 10. RD in Three Dimensions and at the Nanoscale. Fabrication Inside Porous Particles. Diffusion in Solids: The Kirkendall Effect and Fabrication of Core-Shell Nanoparticles. Galvanic Replacement and De-Alloying Reactions at the Nanoscale: Synthesis of Nanocages.
The last few years have been a watershed for the commodities, cash and derivatives industry.� New regulations and products have led to an explosion in the commodities markets, creating a new asset class for investors that includes hedge funds as well as university endowments, and has resulted in substantial growth in spot derivative trading.� Fully revised an updated and including all new material on pure jump levy processes (see list of contents for full list of updates), this book covers hard and soft commodities (energy, agriculture and metals) and analyses on one hand the economic and geopolitical issues in commodities markets and on the other hand financial risk, stochastic modeling of spot prices and forward curves, and real options valuation and hedging. It is required reading for energy companies and utilities practitioners, Commodity cash and derivatives traders in investment banks, the agrifood business, Commodity Trading Advisors and Hedge Funds. �

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