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Biological Chirality

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Couverture de l’ouvrage Biological Chirality

The surprising phenomenon of living organisms producing and using chiral molecules prevalently in one enantiomeric form was first described more than 100 years ago, and has been the topic of scientific research since that discovery. Analysis of the spatial structure as well as reactivity of biomolecules indicates that biomolecular chirality is an essential condition of the metabolic processes in all organisms of terrestrial life. Thus it can be hypothesized that the beginning of biological chirality was a necessary condition for the start of life on Earth.

Biological Chirality describes this occurrence, the history of its discovery, and early research around the topic, before delving deeper into current knowledge. The work covers analytical methods for observing the phenomenon, providing current techniques and practice. It discusses in the asymmetric morphology of certain living organisms (such as the position of the heart and liver in humans) and the exceptions to biological homochirality seen in the D-Amino Acids. The book explores the requirement of enantioselectively prepared pharmaceuticals to address enantioselectivities biomolecules, a major challenge of organic chemistry today. Finally, the work considers the possible origin of biological homochirality, as well as the outlook for future research in this area.

  • Describes the history of biological chirality research, possible origins of homochirality in the origins of life, and future exploration of the area
  • Discusses asymmetric exceptions in morphology and D-Amino Acids
  • Explores the critical implications of enantioselective biomolecules for preparative organic chemistry to develop effectivepharmaceuticals
1. Definition of the Phenomena
2. History of Discovery and Early Research
3. Morphological Chirality of Living Organisms
4. Observation Methods of Molecular Biological Chirality
5. Extension of Biological Chirality
6. Exceptions to the Rule (D-Amino Acids)
7. Geochemical Record of Biological Chirality
8. Importance in Medicine and Pharmacy 9. Industrial Asymmetric Catalysis
10. Possibilities of the Origin of Biological Chirality
11. Conclusions and Future Aspirations
Dr. Pályi is a Professor (Retired) of Chemistry of the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia (Modena, Italy) and member of the (Italian) National Academy of Science as well as other Academies. He has authored and edited 5 books on chemistry, patents, and 250 publications cited more than 2000 times by other authors. He has been the chief organizer of the International Symposia on Biological Chirality (since 1998) and of the International Symposia on the Soai Reaction (since 2008).

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