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World Regional Geography: The New Global Order provides a geographical study of world issues through analysis of nine world regions and the countries in each. Political, demographic, economic, cultural, and environmental themes are developed in their geographic, spatial, context. The first two chapters of the text consider geographic approaches to studies of the 21st Century world and the geographic principles that underpin world regional geography. The book is organized to emphasize the comparisons among world regions and the interdependent relationships that are increasing through globalization. At the same time, the processes of localization are continuing to focus attention on local regions within countries and the desire of their peoples for a degree of autonomy. The organization of the regional chapters (3-11) and the inclusion of comparable diagrams and maps within each chapter reinforce the comparative aspect. Instructors and students will have access to PowerWeb, a course-specific website developed with the help of instructors teaching the course to provide you and your students with curriculum-based materials, updated weekly assessments, informative and timely world news, refereed web links, and much more.
1 A New Global Order and Geography 2 Basics of World Regional Geography 3 Africa South of the Sahara 4 Northern Africa and Southwestern Asia 5 Southern Asia 6 Eastern Asia 7 Europe 8 Commonwealth of Independent States 9 Anglo America 10 Latin America 11 South Pacific