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Wildlife Demography Analysis of Sex, Age, and Count Data

Langue : Anglais

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Couverture de l’ouvrage Wildlife Demography
Wildlife Demography compiles the multitude of available estimation techniques based on sex and age data, and presents these varying techniques in one organized, unified volume. Designed to guide researchers to the most appropriate estimator based upon their particular data set and the desired level of study precision, this book provides quantitative consideration, statistical models, estimator variance, assumptions and examples of use.

The authors focus on estimation techniques using sex and age ratios because this data is relatively easy to collect and commonly used by wildlife management

* Applicable to a wide array of wildlife species, including game and non-game birds and mammals
* Features more than 100 annotated examples illustrating application of statistical methods
* Includes more than 640 references of the analysis of nontagging data and the factors that may influence interpretation
* Derives historical and ad hoc demographic methods in a modern statistical framework
Ch. 1: Introduction
Ch. 2: Primer on Wildlife Population Dynamics
Ch. 3: Estimating Population Sex Ratios
Ch. 4: Estimating Productivity
Ch. 5: Estimating Survival
Ch. 6: Estimating Harvest and Harvest Mortality
Ch. 7: Estimating the Rate of Population Change
Ch. 8: Analysis of Population Indices
Ch. 9: Estimating Population Abundance
Ch.10: Integration of Analytical Techniques
Ch.11: Literature Cited
Appendix A: Statistical Concepts and Theory
Appendix B: Glossary of Symbols
Appendix C: Program USER
Appendix D: Mathematica Code for Calculating the Variance of the Finite Rate of Population Change, VAR, from a Matrix Population Model
Wildlife biologists, Environmental statisticians, Quantitative ecology students

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