Water supply & sewerage 6th ed (ISE) paper

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Intended to introduce the design of water and wastewater treatment systems, the text incorporates recent improvements in our understanding of fundamental phenomena applications of new technologies and materials and new computational techniques. The book can also be used to introduce engineers to the design of hydraulic networks.
1 Introduction 2 Quantity of Water and Sewage 3 Hydraulics 4 Rainfall and Runoff 5 Groundwater 6 Aqueducts and Water Pipes 7 Collection and Distribution of Water 8 Quality of Water Supplies 9 Clarification of Water 10 Filtration of Water 11 Miscellaneous Water Treatment Techniques 12 Sewerage 1M General Considerations 13 Storm Water Flow 14 Sewer Materials 15 Sewer Appurtenances 16 Design of Sewer Systems 17 Sewer Construction and Maintenance 18 Characteristics of Sewage 19 Sewage Disposal 20 Preliminary Treatment Systems 21 Primary Treatment System 22 Secondary Treatment Systems 23 Sludge Treatment and Disposal 24 Advanced Wastewater Treatment 25 Miscellaneous Wastewater Treatment Techniques. 26 Financial Considerations