Water resources engineering (4th ed '92/ ISE)

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This book covers all aspects of water resources engineering, from hydrology, hydraulics, and hydraulic structures to engineering economy studies and planning. It shows applications of these basics to water supply, irrigation, hydroelectric power, river navigation, drainage, waste water collection, treatment and disposal, and flood control. Multi-purpose projects are discussed in the chapter on planning. Over 400 problems are available for student homework assignments.
Chapter 1. Introduction Chapter 2. Descriptive Hydrology Chapter 3. Quantitative Hydrology Chapter 4. Groundwater Chapter 5. Probability Concepts in Planning Chapter 6. Water Law Chapter 7. Reservoirs Chapter 8. Dams Chapter 9. Spillways, Gates, and Outlet Works Chapter 10. Open Channels Chapter 11. Pressure Conduits Chapter 12. Hydraulic Machinery Chapter 13. Engineering Economy in Water-Resources Planning Chapter 14. Irrigation Chapter 15. Water-Supply Systems Chapter 16. Hydroelectric Power Chapter 17. River Navigation Chapter 18. Drainage Chapter 19. Sewerage and Wasterwater Treatment Chapter 20. Flood-Damage Mitigation Chapter 21. Planning for Water-Resources Development Appendices Indexes