Urban water demand management and planning

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Get up to speed on the latest urban water management tools and techniques

Here's the only resource you need to master the latest water forecasting, evaluation and planning methods, take advantage of state-of-the-art forecast software applications, understand price and rate structures, plus quickly and easily implement new water demand management techniques, determine rates of urban water demand and use, forecast urban water demands, integrate water supply and water demand management planning activities, master leading-edge drought response planning and management methods, discover why demand-side planning management should be included in an urban water supply planning framework, and much more.

The Case for Managing Urban Water. Determinants of Urban Water Use. Forecasting Urban Water Use: Theory and Principles. Forecasting Urban Water Use: Models and Applications. Price and Rate Structures. Forms and Functions of Water Pricing: An Overview. Phoenix Changes Water Rates from Increasing Blocks to Uniform Price. Trends in Revenues and Expenditures for Water and Sewer Services: Implications for Demand Management. Demand Management Planning Methods. Demand Mangement Program Evaluation Methods. Integrating Water Supply and Water Demand Management. Application of Integrated Resource Planning Approach to Urban Drought.