Understanding canadian business (4th ed )

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We've made a great text, greater and the current market leader leads the way again. This new edition includes more technology, a stronger, integrated e-commerce focus, coverage of how technology is impacting business, and more coverage of personal skill development as it relates to career success. All these factors combine to help show the connection between text and the real business world. The text and supporting package comprise a learning system that maximizes the student's ability to explore and establish the skills needed for future growth and success.

Part 1: Business Trends: Cultivating a Business in Diverse Global Environments

Chapter 1 - Major Trends Affecting Canadian Business

Chapter 2 - How Economic Issues Affect Business

Chapter 3 - Competing in Global Environments

Chapter 4 - The Role of Government in Business

Chapter 5 - Ethical Behaviour, the Environment, and Social Responsibility

Part 2: Business Ownership and Small Business

Chapter 6 - Forms of Business Organization

Chapter 7 - Small Business and Entrepreneurship

Part 3: Leadership, Organization, and Production to Satisfy Customers

Chapter 8 - Leadership and Management

Chapter 9 - Managing the Move Toward Customer-Driven Business Organizations*

Chapter 10 - Managing Production and Operations*

Chapter 11 - Using Technology to Manage Information*

Part 4: Management of Human Resources: Motivating Employees

Chapter 12 - Motivating Employees and Building Self-Managed Teams

Chapter 13 - Human Resource Management: Managing the Most Important Asset - People

Chapter 14 - Dealing with Employee-Management Issues and Relations

Part 5: Marketing: Developing and Implementing Customer-Oriented Marketing Plans

Chapter 15 - Marketing: Building Customer and Stakeholder Relationships

Chapter 16 - Developing and Pricing Quality Products*

Chapter 17 - Promoting and Distributing Products Efficiently and Interactively

Part 6: Accounting Information and Financial Activities

Chapter 18 - Accounting Fundamentals

Chapter 19 - Managing Financial Resources

* denotes new chapter title