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UML for real : design of embedded real-time systems (POD), Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 2003 Design of Embedded Real-Time Systems

Langue : Français

Coordonnateurs : Lavagno Luciano, Martin Grant, Selic Bran V.

Couverture de l’ouvrage UML for real : design of embedded real-time systems (POD)
The Unified Modeling Language is rapidly gaining acceptance as the mechanism of choice to model complex software systems at various steps of their specification and design, using a number of orthogonal views that illustrate use cases, class diagrams and even detailed state machine-based behaviors of objects. This book aims to show the reality of UML as a medium for specification and implementation of real-time systems, illustrating both the current capabilities and limits of UML for this task, and future directions that will improve its usefulness for real-time and embedded product design. It will also cover selected applications examples. The book is an edited volume of solicited chapters. The table of contents covers: UML and the Real-time/Embedded Domain, with chapters on the role of UML in software development and on UML and Real-Time Systems. Representing Key Real-Time Concepts with UML, with chapters on logical structure, on modeling system-level behavior using MSCs and extensions, on platform modeling, on hardware and software object modeling, on fine-grain and high-level patterns for real-time systems, on modeling Quality Of Service and metric time, and finally on performance and schedulability analysis using UML. SpecificApplications, with chapters on UML in the automotive and telecom domains. Process and Tools, with chapters on software performance engineering and on UML tools for real-time processes.
About the Editors. Acknowledgements. Preface. 1.Model. Software Models and UM. B.Selic. 2.UML for Real-Tim. S.Gerard and F.Terrier. 3.Structural Modeling with UML 2.. O.Hauge. B.Moller-Pedersen and T.Weigert. 4.Message Sequence Chart. D.Harel and P.S.Thiagarajan. 5.UML and Platform-based Desig. R.Che. M.Sgro. L.Lavagn. G.Marti. A.Sangiovanni-Vincentelli and J.Rabaey. 6.UML for Hardware and Software Object Modelin. M.Edwards and P.Green. 7.Fine Grained Patterns for Real-Time System. B.P.Douglass. 8.Archtictural Patterns for Real-Time System. B.Selic. 9.Modeling Quality of Service with UM. B.Selic. 10.Modeling Metric Tim. L.Motus. 11.Performance Analysis with UM. D.C.Petriu and C.M.Woodside. 12.Schedulability Analysis with UM. M.DiNatale and M.Saksena. 13.Automotive UM. M.VonDerBeec. P.Brau. M.Rappl and C.Schroder. 14.Specifying Telecommunications Systems with UM. T.Weigert and R.Reed. 15.Leveraging UML to Deliver Correct Telecom Application. S.Barano. C.Jervi. V.Kotlyaro. A.Letichevsky and T.Weigert. 16.Software Performance Engineerig. C.U.Smith and L.G.Williams. Index.

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