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Theory of thin shells (2nd symposium, Copenhagen, Sept. 5-9 1967), Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1969 Second Symposium, Copenhagen September 5-9, 1967 Coll. IUTAM Symposia

Langue : Français

Coordonnateur : Niordson F.I.

Couverture de l’ouvrage Theory of thin shells (2nd symposium, Copenhagen, Sept. 5-9 1967)
During its meeting in Vienna on the 25th of June 1966 the General Assembly of the International Union of Theoretical and Applied Mecha­ nics (IUTAM) decided to sponsor a seGond international symposium on the theory of thin shells. It was decided to hold this symposium in Copenhagen and the scientific organization was left in the hands of a committee consisting of A. E. GREEN, W. T. KOlTER, F. 1. NIORDSON (chairman), W. OLSZAK, E. REISSNER, and 1. N. VEKUA. The main topics of the symposium were announced to be: "Foundations", "Non-linear theory", "Buckling and post-buckling", and "Inelastic behaviour". The impetus to the advancement of shell theory from the first IUTAM Symposium on this subject, held in Delft in 1959, has been widely recogni­ zed. The purpose of this second Symposium was to take stock of the situation and, by bringing leading scientists in this field together, to open and encourage new studies in this seemingly inexhaustible disci­ pline. It was felt, in the development following the first Symposium in Delft, that solid foundations of shell theory had been obtained and that this second Symposium could be devoted almost entirely to the buckling and post-buckling behaviour and to the non-linear theory of shells.
Refined Interior Shell Equations.- On the Foundation of Generalized Linear Shell Theory.- Problems in the Rigorous Deduction of the Theory of Thin Elastic Shells.- Shells in the Light of Generalized Continua.- On one Version of the Consistent Theory of Elastic Shells.- The Purposes and Problems of the Technical Theory of Thin Plastic Shells.- Foundations and Basic Equations of Shell Theory. A Survey of Recent Progress.- A Theory of Thin Shells with Local Structural Effects.- Asymptotic Approximation in the Three-Dimensional Theory of Thin and Thick Elastic Shells.- On the Shell Equations in Complex Form.- Further Reduction of Equation (20) for Arbitrary Shells of Non-Zero Gaussian Curvature.- On the Optimum Design of Shells Loaded by Concentrated Forces.- Finite Deformation of Membranes and Shells under Localized Loading.- Post-Buckling Behaviour of Cylinders in Torsion.- The Influence of Stiffener Geometry and Spacing on the Buckling of Axially Compressed Cylindrical and Conical Shells.- On the Post-Buckling Equilibrium and Stability of Thin-Walled Circular Cylinders under Axial Compression.- Geometrical Methods in the Non-Linear Theory of Shells.- Bending of a Cylindrical Shell Subject to Axial Loading.- The Theory of Symmetrically Loaded Weakmoment Shells of Revolution, made of Differentmodulus Material.- On Incremental Collapse of Shells under Cyclic Loading.- Rheological States of Geometrically Nonlinear Rotational Membranes.- Plastic Instability of a Spherical Shell.- Plastic Analysis of Shallow Spherical Shells at Moderately Large Deflections.

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Dünne Schale;Shells

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