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Theory and Applications of Drilling Fluid Hydraulics, Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1985 Exlog Series of Petroleum Geology and Engineering Handbooks Series, Vol. 1

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Couverture de l’ouvrage Theory and Applications of Drilling Fluid Hydraulics
The objectives of this book are (1) to serve as a reasonably comprehensive text on the subject of drilling hydraulics and (2) to provide the field geologist with a quick reference to drilling hydraulics calculations. Chapter 1 introduces the basic principles of fluid properties, and Chapter 2 presents the general principles of fluid hydraulics. Chapters 3 through 10 analyze specific hydraulic considerations of the drilling process, such as viscometric measurements, pressure losses, swab and surge pressures, cuttings transport and hydraulic optimization. References are presented at the end of each section. The units and nomenclature are consistent throughout the manual. Equations are given generally in consistent S.1. units; some common expressions are also given in oilfield units. Nomenclature is explained after every equation when necessary, and a comprehensive list of the nomenclature used is given in Appendix A. Units are listed in Appendix B. In Appendix C, all the important equations are given in both S.1. and oilfield units. Appendix D contains example hydraulics calculations. A glossary is included. THEORY AND APPLICATION OF DRILLING FLUID HYDRAULICS 1 INTRODUCTION To dri 11 a we 11 safely and succes sfull y depends upon a thorough unders tandi ng of drilling hydraulics principles. Thus, drilling hydraulics is a very impor­ tant subject with which all logging geologists should be familiar.
1. Introduction.- Fundamental Properties of Fluids.- Density.- Hydrostatic Pressure.- Pascal’s Law.- References.- 7. Fluid Flow: Principles, Models, & Measurement.- Fluid-Flow Principles.- Fluid Deformation.- Flow Regimes.- Plug Flow.- Laminar Flow.- Turbulent Flow.- Regime Determination.- Continuity of Flow.- Fluid Models.- Newtonian Fluid Model.- Bingham Plastic Model.- Power Law Fluid Model.- Other Models.- Time-Dependent Behavior.- Measurement of Fluid Flow Properties.- Instruments.- Analysis.- Results.- Field Procedures.- References.- 3. The Drilling Fluid.- Water-Based Muds.- Oil-Based Muds.- Mud Viscosity.- References.- The Mud Circulating System.- The Pumps.- The Drillstring.- The Bit.- The Annulus.- References.- 5. The Drillstring.- Laminar Flow.- Analysis.- results.- Field Procedures.- The Reynolds Number.- Critical Velocity.- Turbulent Flow.- Transitional Flow.- Tool Joints.- References.- 6. Motor, Turbine, & Bit.- The Motor.- The Turbine.- The Bit Nozzles.- References.- 7. The Annulus.- Laminar Flow.- Exact Solutions.- Approximate Solutions.- Practical Methods.- Newtonian Fluid.- Bingham Fluid.- Power Law Fluid.- Casson Fluid.- Robertson-Stiff Fluid.- Turbulent Flow.- Transitional Flow.- References.- 8. Swab and Surge.- General.- References.- 9. Cuttings Transport.- General.- References.- 10. Optimizing the Hydraulics Program.- General.- References.- Appendix A: Nomenclature.- Appendix B: Units.- Appendix C: Key Equations.- Appendix D: Example Hydraulics Calcualtions.- Glosary.

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