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The Wiley-Blackwell Handbook of Judgment and Decision Making, 2 Volume Set 2 Volume Set

Langue : Anglais

Coordonnateurs : Keren Gideon, Wu George

Couverture de l’ouvrage The Wiley-Blackwell Handbook of Judgment and Decision Making, 2 Volume Set

This two–volume reference is a comprehensive, up–to–date examination of the most important theory, concepts, methodological approaches, and applications in the burgeoning field of judgment and decision making (JDM).

  • Brings together a multi–disciplinary group of contributors from across the social sciences, including psychology, economics, marketing, finance, public policy, sociology, and philosophy
  • Provides accessible, essential information, complete with the latest research and references, for experts and non–experts alike in two volumes
  • Emphasizes the growth of JDM applications with separate chapters devoted to medical decision making, decision making and the law, consumer behavior, and more
  • Addresses controversial topics (such as choice from description vs. choice from experience and contrasts between empirical methodologies employed in behavioral economics and psychology) from multiple perspectives


About the Contributors vii

1 Introduction: A Bird s Eye View of the History of Judgment and Decision Making 1
Gideon Keren and George Wu

Part 1: The Multiple Facets of JDM: Traditional Themes 41

2 Decision Under Risk: From the Field to the Lab and Back 43
Craig R. Fox, Carsten Erner, and Daniel J. Walters

3 Ambiguity Attitudes 89
Stefan T. Trautmann and Gijs van de Kuilen

4 Multialternative Choice Models 117
Douglas H. Wedell

5 The Psychology of Intertemporal Preferences 141
Oleg Urminsky and Gal Zauberman

6 Overprecision in Judgment 182
Don A. Moore, Elizabeth R. Tenney, and Uriel Haran

Part 2: Relatively New Themes in JDM 211

7 Joint versus Separate Modes of Evaluation: Theory and Practice 213
Jiao Zhang

8 Decisions From Experience 239
Ralph Hertwig

9 Neurosciences Contribution to JDM: Opportunities and Limitations 268
Alan G. Sanfey and Mirre Stallen

10 Utility: Anticipated, Experienced, and Remembered 295
Carey K. Morewedge

Part 3: New Psychological Takes on Judgment and Decision Making 331

11 Under the Influence and Unaware: Unconscious Processing During Encoding, Retrieval, and Weighting in Judgment 333
Emily Balcetis and Yael Granot

12 Metacognition: Decision ]making Processes in Self ]monitoring and Self ]regulation 356
Asher Koriat

13 Information Sampling and Reasoning Biases: Implications for Research in Judgment and Decision Making 380
Klaus Fiedler and Florian Kutzner

14 On the Psychology of Near and Far: A Construal Level Theoretic Approach 404
Kentaro Fujita, Yaacov Trope, and Nira Liberman

15 Optimism Biases: Types and Causes 431
Paul D. Windschitl and Jillian L. O Rourke Stuart

16 Culture and Judgment and Decision Making 457
Krishna Savani, Jaee Cho, Sooyun Baik, and Michael W. Morris

17 Moral Judgment and Decision Making 479
Daniel M. Bartels, Christopher W. Bauman, Fiery A. Cushman, David A. Pizarro, and A. Peter McGraw


Part 4: Old Issues Revisited 517

18 Time ]pressure Perception and Decision Making 519
Lisa D. Ordóñez, Lehman Benson, III, and Andrea Pittarello

19 Cognitive Hierarchy Process Models of Strategic Thinking in Games 543
Colin F. Camerer

20 Framing of Numerical Quantities 568
Karl Halvor Teigen

21 Causal Thinking in Judgments 590
Reid Hastie

22 Learning Models in Decision Making 629
Timothy J. Pleskac

23 Variability, Noise and Error in Decision Making Under Risk 658
Graham Loomes

24 Expertise in Decision Making 696
Richard P. Larrick and Daniel C. Feiler

Part 5: Applications 723

25 Changing Behavior Beyond the Here and Now 725
Todd Rogers and Erin Frey

26 Decision Making and the Law: Truth Barriers 749
Jonathan J. Koehler and John Meixner

27 Medical Decision Making 775
Anne M. Stiggelbout, Marieke de Vries, and Laura Scherer

28 Behavioral Economics: Economics as a Psychological Discipline 800
Devin G. Pope and Justin R. Sydnor

29 Negotiation and Conflict Resolution: A Behavioral Decision Research Perspective 828
Alex B. van Zant and Laura J. Kray

30 Decision Making in Groups and Organizations 849
R. Scott Tindale and Katharina Kluwe

31 Consumer Decision Making 875
Mary Frances Luce

Part 6: Improving Decision Making 901

32 Decision Technologies 903
Candice H. Huynh, Jay Simon, and L. Robin Keller

33 A User s Guide to Debiasing 924
Jack B. Soll, Katherine L. Milkman, and John W. Payne

34 What s a Good Decision? Issues in Assessing Procedural and Ecological Quality 952
Robin M. Hogarth

Part 7: Summary 973

35 A Final Glance Backwards and a Suggestive Glimpse Forwards 975
Gideon Keren and George Wu

Index 985

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