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The western experience, (volume 2) with powerweb (8th ed )

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Couverture de l’ouvrage The western experience, (volume 2) with powerweb (8th ed )
In an age when so many people only look forward, THE WESTERN EXPERIENCE combines new and traditional approaches to the past that, combined with an interpretive approach, challenge, stimulate, and engage students. The approach of the authors is appealing to those who want students to come away from their course with more than a grasp of the 'facts', but instead wish students to analyze assumptions and use critical thinking skills. To further this goal, the authors not only see their book as a collection of interpretive essays that can serve as an example of historical writing, but they show and exemplify how historians struggle and deal with the past, for instance by discussing various controversies in history such as the Black Athena question.

In addition, while the text presents a chronological survey of the history of Western Civilization, the narrative weaves several recurring themes that are strengthened and highlighted in new ways in this edition. The themes of social structure, the body politic, organization of production and the impact of technology, evolution of the family and changing gender roles, war, religion and cultural expression are laid out at the beginning of each chapter in the form of a color coded grid that the student and instructor will find easy to follow through the narrative.
List of Maps XXIVList of Boxes XXVIIBooks Related Interest XXXPreface XXXIIntroduction XXXVII>Chapter 15 War and CrisisI. Rivalry and War in the Age of Philip II Elizabeth I of England/The Dutch Revolt/Civil War in FranceII. From Unbounded War to International CrisisThe Thirty years' War/The Peace of WestphaliaIII. The Military RevolutionWeapons and Tactics/The Organization and Support of Armies/The Life of the SoldierIV. Revolution in EnglandPressures for Change/Parliament and Law/Rising Antagonisms/England Under CromwellV. Revolts in France and SpainThe France of Henry IV/Louis XIII/Political and Social Crisis/The Fronde/Sources of Discontent in Spain/Revolt and SecessionVI. Political Change in an Age of CrisisThe Unites Provinces/Sweden/Eastern Europe and the Crisis
Chapter 16 Culture and Society in the Age of the Scientific RevolutionI. Scientific Advance from Copernicus to NewtonOrigins of the Scientific Revolution/The Breakthroughs/The Climax of the Scientific Revolution: Isaac NewtonII. The Effects of the DiscoveriesThe New Epistemology/Bacon and Descartes/Pascal's Protest Against New Sciences/Science InstitutionalizedIII. The Arts and LiteratureUnsettling Art/Unsettling Writers/The Return of Assurance to the Arts/Stability and Restraint in the ArtsV. Social Patterns and Popular CulturePopular Trends/Social Status/Mobility and Crime/Changes in the Villages and Cities/Belief in Magic and Rituals/Forces of Restraint/Conclusion
Chapter 17 The Emergence of the European State SystemI. Absolutism in FranceThe Rule of Louis XIV/Government/Foreign Policy/Domestic Policy/The End of an Era/France After Louis XIVII. Other Patterns of AbsolutismThe Habsburgs at Vienna/The Hohenzollerns at Berlin/Rivalry and State Building/The Prussia of Frederick William I/Frederick the Great/The Habsburg Empire/The Habsburgs and Bourbons at Madrid/Peter the Great at St. PetersburgIII. Alternatives to AbsolutismAristocracy in the United Provinces, Sweden, and Poland/The Triumph of the Gentry in England/The Growth of Stability/Contrasts in Political ThoughtIV. The International SystemDiplomacy and Warfare/Armies and Navies/The Seven Years' War
Chapter 18 The Wealth of NationsI. Demographic and Economic GrowthThe New Demographic Era/Profit Inflation: The Movement of Prices/ProtoindustrializationII. The New Shape of IndustryTowards a New Economic Order/The Roots of Economic Transformation in England/Cotton: The Beginning of IndustrializationIII. Innovation and Tradition in AgricultureConvertible Husbandry/The Enclosure Movement in Britain/Serf and Peasants on the Continent IV. Eighteenth-Century EmpiresMercantile and Naval Competition/The Profits of Empire/Slavery, the Foundation of Empire/Mounting Colonial Conflicts/The British Foothold in India
Chapter 19 The Age of EnlightenmentI. The EnlightenmentThe Broadening Reverberations of Science/Beyond Christianity/The Philosophies/Diderot and the EncyclopediaII. Eighteenth-Century Elite CultureCosmopolitan High Culture/Publishing and Reading/Literature, Music and ArtIII. Popular CulturePopular Literature/Literacy and Primary Schooling/Sociability and Recreation
Chapter 20 The French RevolutionI. Reform and Political CrisisEnlightened Absolutism in Central and Eastern Europe/Joseph II and the Limits of Absolutism/Constitutional Crises in the West/Upheavals in the British EmpireII. 1789: The French RevolutionOrigins of the Revolution/Fiscal Crisis and Political Deadlock/From the Estates General to the National Assembly/The Convergence of RevolutionsIII. The Reconstruction of FranceThe New Constitution/The Revolution of the Church/Counterrevolution, Radicalism, and WarIV. The Second RevolutionThe National Convention /The Revolutionary Crisis/The Jacobin Dictatorship/The Sans-culottes: Revolution From Below/The Revolutionary Wars
Chapter 21 The Age of NapoleonI. From Robespierre to BonoparteThe Thermidorian Reaction/The Directory/The Brumaire CoupII. The Napoleonic Settlement in FranceThe Napoleonic Style/Political and Religious Settlements/The Era of the NotablesIII. Napoleonic Hegemony in EuropeMilitary Supremacy and the Reorganization of Europe/Naval War with Britain/The Napoleonic Conscription MachineIV. Opposition to NapoleonThe 'Spanish Ulcer'/The Russian Debacle/German Resistance and the Last Coalition/The Napoleonic Legend
Chapter 22 Foundations of the Nineteenth Century: Politics and Social ChangeI. The Politics of OrderThe Congress of Vienna/The Pillars of the Restoration: Russia, Austria, Prussia/The Test of Restoration: Spain, Italy, and FranceII. The Progress of IndustrializationThe Technology to Support Machines/The Economic Effects of Revolution and War/Patterns of IndustrializationIII. The Social EffectsThe Division of Labor/The Family/The Standard of Living
Chapter 23 Learning to Live With ChangeI. Ideas of ChangeRomanticism/Social Thought/The Early SocialistsII. The Structure of SocietySocial Classes/The Changing Populations/Social WelfareIII. The Spread of Liberal GovernmentGreat Britain/The Revolutions of 1830
Chapter 24 National States and National CulturesI. The Revolutions of 1848The Opening Phase/The Final Dissensions/The Final PhaseII. The Politics of NationalismThe Elements of Nationalism/A New Regime: The Second Empire in France/Nationalism and International Relations/A New Nation: The Unification of Italy/A New Nation: The Unification of Germany/Reshaping Old EmpiresIII. Nineteenth-Century CultureThe Organization of Culture/The Content of Culture
Chapter 25 European Power: Wealth, Knowledge, and ImperialismI. The Economics of GrowthThe Second Industrial Revolution/The Demographic TransitionII. The Knowledge of Nature and SocietyThe Conquests of Science/Social Science and Ideas of ProgressIII. Europe and the WorldThe Apparent Decline of colonial Empires/Europe's Growing Engagement OverseasIV. Modern ImperialismThe Meaning of Imperialism/Explanations of Imperialism/Imperialism and European Society/Conquests of the New Imperialism
Chapter 26 The Age of ProgressI. The Belle EpoquePopular Culture/'The Woman Question'/The ArtsII. Attacks on Liberal CivilizationWorking Class Movements/The Christian Critique/Beyond ReasonIII. Domestic PoliticsCommon Problems/France: The Third Republic/Germany: The Reich/Italy: The Liberal Monar

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