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The physiology of fishes, (Marine biology, Vol. 6), (3rd Ed.)

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Couverture de l’ouvrage The physiology of fishes, (Marine biology, Vol. 6),
New scientific approaches have dramatically evolved in the decade since The Physiology of Fishes was first published. With the genomic revolution and a heightened understanding of molecular biology, we now have the tools and the knowledge to apply a fresh approach to the study of fishes. Consequently, The Physiology of Fishes, Third Edition is not merely another updating, but rather an entire reworking of the original. To satisfy that need for a fresh approach, the editors have employed a new set of expert contributors steeped in the very latest research, their contemporary perspective pervades the entire text. In addition to new chapters on gas transport, temperature physiology, and stress, as well as one dedicated to functional genomics, readers will discover that many of these new contributors approach their material with a contemporary molecular perspective. While much of the material is new, the editors have completely adhered to the original's style in creating a text that continues to be highly readable and perpetually insightful in bridging the gap between pure and applied science. The Physiology of Fishes, Third Edition, completely updated with a molecular perspective, continues to be regarded as the best single-volume general reference on all major areas of research in fish physiology.
LOCOMOTION AND ENERGETICS. Locomotion, Feeding and Nutrition. GAS EXCHANGE AND TRANSPORT. Aquatic and Aerial Respiration, The Cardiovascular System, Gas Transport. HOMEOSTASIS AND REPRODUCTION. Ion Transport, Osmoregulation, and Acid-Base Bala, Endocrinology, Stress, Reproduction. NEUROPHYSIOLOGY. Hearing and Mechanoreception, Electroreception and Electrogenesis, Chemoreception. NEW TECHNOLOGIES. Mutagenesis. Insights from I-Transgenic Medaka, Functional Genomics. Insights into Physiological Complexity, Cell Culture and Stem Cells.

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