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The new self directed work teams : mastering the challenge, 2nd ed 1998

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Couverture de l’ouvrage The new self directed work teams : mastering the challenge, 2nd ed 1998
Forward-thinking corporations around the globe from long-established leaders to fast-growing newcomers have made it clear: Committed, self-directed work teams are today's new paradigm for success. And as customers demand ever-shorter cycle times and ever-higher satisfaction levels, the positive effects numbers such as these have become increasingly difficult to ignore. THE NEW SELF-DIRECTED WORK TEAMS, SECOND EDITION, outlines a step-by-step process for implementing self-directed work teams, transforming your workplace into one that naturally breeds worker responsibility as it increases productivity and quality. Productivity experts Jack Orsburn and Linda Moran whose methods have helped companies including TRW, General Electric, and Cummins Engine to implement self-directed work teams have updated their classic work team bible to include: Fully updated case histories and examples of self-directed work team success outlined in several new chapters, 19 critical tools and techniques for seamlessly integrating work teams into your office or factory environment, Guidelines for integrating new information technologies into a coordinated team effort, Programs to combine flexible compensation systems with greater stakeholder empowerment, Checklists to help you gauge current levels of employee involvement, and the potential benefits of work teams, A framework for working with teams to select team leaders and ensuring those leaders can fulfill their roles. THE NEW SELF-DIRECTED WORK TEAMS updates the authors' original benchmark reference work to explore latest work team implementation guidelines, update case studies of the dramatic impact of self-directed work teams, and discuss the surprising trends and market realities that will redefine the employer/employee relationship in the 21st century. Let this remarkable guidebook lead you and your organization into a new era of improved customer satisfaction, management effectiveness, and most important employee performance.
Preface. Introduction: Early Lessons. Acknowledgements. Part 1: Facing the New Challenge. A Tool For The Twenty-First Century. Can Work Teams Work Here? Charting the Voyage. Priming the Pump. The Ashes of Convention. Who's in Charge Here? A Conflict of Loyalties. Citizen Team. New Horizons for Work Teams. Special Work-Team Issues. The Philosophy of Teams. Developing the Role of Supervisors and Managers. When process Improvement is Necessary. Working with Unions. Teams and Measurement. Compensation Systems that Support Teams. Part 3: Tools and Techniques for Implementing Teams. Employee Involvement: Alternatives to Self-Direction. The Steering Committee. The Feasibility Study. Developing a Mission Statement. Design-Team Training. Designing and Implementing Awareness Training. Workplace Analysis. Team Member Training. Manager and Supervisor Transition Training. Hands-off Plans for Supervisory and Support Group Tasks. Team Member Role Expansion Plan. Peer Discipline Review Committee. Recognition and Reward Techniques. Mature Team _ New Team Coaching Session. A Group Problem-Solving Process. Cluster Meeting. Peer Performance Appraisal. Repotting Worksho[. Diffusion Strategies. Bibliography. Index.

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