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The nature of turbulence

Langue : Anglais

Coordonnateurs : Davidson Peter A., Kaneda Yukio, Sreenivasan Katepalli R.

Couverture de l’ouvrage The nature of turbulence
Turbulence is ubiquitous in science, technology and daily life and yet, despite years of research, our understanding of its fundamental nature is still tentative and incomplete. More generally, the tools required for a deep understanding of strongly interacting many-body systems remain underdeveloped. Inspired by a research programme held at the Newton Institute in Cambridge, this book contains reviews by leading experts that summarize our current understanding of the nature of turbulence from theoretical, experimental, observational and computational points of view. The articles cover a wide range of topics, including the scaling and organized motion in wall turbulence, small scale structure, dynamics and statistics of homogeneous turbulence, turbulent transport and mixing, and effects of rotation, stratification and magnetohydrodynamics, as well as superfluidity. The book will be useful to researchers and graduate students interested in the fundamental nature of turbulence at high Reynolds numbers.
Preface, 1. Scaling issues and the role of organized motion in wall turbulence I. Marusic and R. J. Adrian, 2. Numerical results for wall-bounded turbulence J. Jimenez and G. Kawahara, 3. Structure and dynamics of vorticity in turbulence J. Schumacher, R. M. Kerr and K. Horiuti, 4. Small-scale statistics and structure of turbulence Y. Kaneda and K. Morishita, 5. A Lagrangian view of turbulent dispersion and mixing B. Sawford and J.-F. Pinton, 6. Passive scalar transport in turbulence: a computational perspective P. K. Yeung and T. Gotoh, 7. Stratified turbulence J. J. Riley and E. Lindborg, 8. Rapidly rotating turbulence: an experimental perspective P. A. Davidson, 9. MHD turbulence: field guided, dynamo driven and magneto-rotational S. Tobias, F. Cattaneo and S. Boldyrev, 10. Superfluid turbulence K. R. Sreenivasan and L. Skrbek.
Peter A. Davidson is a Professor in the Department of Engineering at the University of Cambridge.
Yukio Kaneda is a Professor in the Department of Computational Science and Engineering at the Graduate School of Engineering, Nagoya University, Japan.
Katepalli R. Sreenivasan is a Professor in the Department of Physics and in the Courant Institute for Mathematical Sciences at New York University.

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