The leadership solution

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Part One: The Payoff. 1. When the Dots Connect. Part Two: Ground School. 2. Managing Decision Moments. 3. Guiding by Best Principles. 4. Leadership: Making the Weather. 5. Systems Speak. 6. The Power of Huddles and Channels. 7. Linking People to Strategy. Part Three: The Communication System . 8. Say and Do A Sailing Metaphor. 9. Tell Me the Story. 10. Stories Start with Leaders. 11. Find the Flaw. 12. Benchmarking and Best Practices. Part Four: Connecting the Dots. 13. The Furniture Company. 14. The Oil Company. 15. Earthshaking Events. Part Five: Starting Over. 16. Starting Over. 17. Are You Willing? 18. Twenty Things You Can Do Now. Part Six: The Communication Function. 19. Organizational Communication: A Vision. 20. Reinventing the Communication Function.