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The information paradox : realizing the business benefits of information technology (revised ed.2004)

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Couverture de l’ouvrage The information paradox : realizing the business benefits of information technology (revised ed.2004)
Enterprise Value Management - the next step in business value! Considerable change has transpired in the years since the first edition of this book was published, yet the paradox remains - investments in IT-enabled business change are still not being consistently translated into business value: ·The bubble has burst ·Implementation of Supply Chain Management systems has slowed ·Significant challenges have arisen with Customer Relationship Management systems. Organizations continue to invest heavily in information technology. Spending on IT remains the largest single capital investment for most enterprises. The goals vary from routine productivity improvement to enhanced customer service to business transformation. However, measuring and clearly demonstrating the business benefits achieved remains a management challenge. This is the Information Paradox - the conflict between the widely held belief that information, and investment in IT to provide that information, is a 'good thing' and the all too frequent reality that we cannot demonstrate a connection between IT investments and business results. John Thorp and Fujitsu Consulting have continued to work with many clients around the world, implementing the Benefits Realization Approach - a unique, client-tested framework that introduces a benefits-focused mindset. Their experience has led to the understanding that the issues with IT value are merely a symptom of a broader business value problem, and to the development of a new, expanded approach - Enterprise Value Management. A completely new Afterword outlines this new approach which goes beyond the challenge of IT value to provide a comprehensive value-driven organizational governance process. It builds on the foundation of benefits realization to help organizations manage value in an increasingly uncertain and real-time business environment. It takes readers to a new level of understanding. Regardless of your industry - from service to manufacturing - or your function - from sales to production to distribution - those who understand how to manage all their assets, including IT, to drive real business value will be the winners in the emerging knowledge economy.

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