The global challenge, frameworks for international human resource management (International edition)

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Couverture de l'ouvrage The global challenge, frameworks for international human resource management (International edition)

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During the last decade, we have moved, perhaps irrevocably, into the era of a global economy. Through its focus on human resource management and organization, The Globalization Challenge: Frameworks for International Human Resource Management, provides a broad guide on how to manage the process of internationalization, with a particular focus on the transnational firm. In this brand new offering, authors Evans, Pucik and Barsoux discuss the 'people implications' of traditional strategies for internationalization and how such strategies get executed through human resource management (HRM). They discuss such important topics as: ·how to manage expatriates from the parent country ·how to go about adapting management practices to circumstances abroad ·how to localize management ·how to recognize and ultimately avoid obstacles in joint ventures ·how to expand across borders through acquisitions ·how to respond to the contradictory pressures of the transnational firm, where HRM has a critical role to play in enabling managers to resolve these paradoxes in innovative ways ·how global competition is changing the nature of management and organization, even for firms operating in domestic markets. The book draws on practical examples from companies that have experienced the real challenges of international HRM. The authors carefully balance these real business applications with a wide scope of academic research.
Chapter 1: The Challenges of International Human Resource Management Chapter 2: Three Faces of Human Resource Management in the International Firm Chapter 3: Exploiting Global Integration Chapter 4: Becoming Locally Responsive Chapter 5: Managing Alliances and Joint Ventures Chapter 6: Forging Cross-Border Mergers and Acquisitions Chapter 7: Mastering Network Coordination Chapter 8: Developing Talent for the Transnational Enterprise Chapter 9: Steering through the Tensions of Change and Innovation Chapter 10: Transforming the Global Human Resource Role